April sure was a very busy month in Year 2.

We have learnt lots of new things, In maths we have done lots of work about shape and learnt new vocabulary like symmetry and vertices. We now know how to identify and discuss a variety of 2D and 3D shapes. We can make and discuss repeating patterns and draw a line of symmetry.

We took this work about symmetry and pattern on in to our afternoon curriculum. We used symmetry to create a whole picture of the Queen and examined natural patterns in our outdoor environment. We even used the class digital camera to take some amazing photos of the patterns we found.

In literacy we have started to look at new places around the world. Australia in particular. We first learnt how to locate it on the map and the continents and oceans around it. We even wrote superb setting descriptions about Sydney in Australia using lots of expanded noun phrases.

During the afternoons we continue to look at ‘materials’ in science and we have even carried out an experiment to find the most suitable material to make an umbrella for the Queen. We have just started to look at algorithms and programming in ICT, we will look at this much more during May.