Below is key information related to the teaching and learning taking place in Reception next week.

Our quality story book next week will be ‘In My Heart’ written by Jo Witek. In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts): Witek, Jo, Roussey, Christine: 9781419713101: Books

Here is a copy of the story via the link below. Please take the time to share this with your child ahead of next week’s learning. You may like to go on a trip to the local library to find a copy of the text – there is one located within Madeley opposite Tesco and within Southwater at the Telford Town Centre.


Our quality song next week will be ‘Gonna Build a House’. Here is a link to share and practice this song with your child.


Focus Vocabulary

Vocabulary linked to text – Feelings, emotion, heart, love, brave, strong, mad, calm, broken, sad, hopeful, afraid, shy, proud.

Vocabulary linked to Reception Project – Community, Belonging, Family, School, Friend, Teacher.

Please remember to take the time to explore and use these words regularly with your child over the weekend and during the following week. This will enable your child to have a better understanding of the key vocabulary and support them to know and remember how to use this new knowledge within a wide range of contexts.

Next week we will begin our daily Mathematics sessions with the children. Our focus will be sorting and matching. The children will be invited to classify and arrange varied items into groups. Their thinking will be provoked by asking questions such as “Tell me about how you have sorted the objects…”

We out ‘Wow Moments’ letters this week! Please take the time to read the letter and capture moments at home where you have been proud of your child’s achievements. As always, we really do value your input into your child’s early learning journey.

Thank you for your continued support.