What a fantastic, full week we have had in Reception!

This week, in Mathematics we have been focussing on numbers over 10! We have explored how we can represent numbers over 10 through Numicon and on tens frames.

In project learning, the children have been learning about the coronation celebrations that are coming up, soon. Learners have been looking in close detail at Westminster Abbey and representing this in the block area, checking photographs and videos from our late Queens coronation to see what may be happening during King Charles coronation and in the workshop, children have created a beautiful collage of King Charles using different types of paper and materials!

Information for next week…

The ‘favourite five’ book for next week will be ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson


Vocabulary linked to focus story:

  • think
  • tusk
  • trunk
  • slither
  • treetops
  • squawk
  • doubt
  • croak

Our song of the week for next week will be ‘Ten in the bed’ 


Next week, in Mathematics, we will be focussing on counting forwards and backwards to 20 and noticing patterns within the number system with a focus on numbers to 20. Have a go at practising counting forwards and backwards to 20 by playing ‘rocket count down’… count up and then down before zooming off into space!

In project learning next week, we will continue looking at the Kings coronation with a focus on Kings and Queens from the past and different royal buildings and traditions.

Phonics stay and learn

Thank you so much to all parents who joined us this week for our Phonics stay and learn. If you have any questions, please feel free to Dojo your child’s class teacher.

SOS Stars-

The Secret of Success for this week was ‘Imagine’ and the winners this week have all shown that they can use their imagination in lots of different contexts! A very well done to Aurora, Lachlan, Kayden and Tulip! You are superstars!