Woodlands Primary School are celebrating the actions of two of their pupils in Key Stage 2. Aiden Warren and Jamie Bedworth, pupils in years 5 and 6, found a purse near to the community centre in Woodside whilst playing after school on their bikes. The boys made the decision to take the purse in to the Park Lane Centre and were met by Councillor Kevin Guy. Councillor Guy was holding a meeting for his constituents and was very impressed by the boys’ actions and honesty. He contacted the boys’ school and suggested to staff that both Jamie and Aiden were commended in some way.

Councillor Guy attended the school’s celebration assembly and presented the boys with a certificate of recognition and a small prize. Mrs Yvonne Crilly, deputy headteacher stated, “We are really proud of both boys, for their honesty and community spirit. It is not always easy to make the right choices and we are delighted by the actions the boys took. It is lovely that Councillor Guy took time out of his busy schedule to recognise the efforts of both Aiden and Jamie, it was very much appreciated.”