30 Offer for Nursery Children


If you wish to apply for the free 30 hour offer, (Full Time Nursery place).

Go to www.childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk.

Create a HMRC Account.  Go through the 30 application and you will be given an 11 digit code (usually beginning with 500???????). The school has to see evidence of your code and renew date to be offered this facility.  You need to apply for the code the term before you require the place.  Codes have to be renewed every 3 months to be offered a space at school.

Please enquire at the main school office as the has school has limited spaces to offer full time places

We do offer the facility where you can pay for additional sessions, if you do not have a funding code..  These are £14.75 per session, which can be booked on ParentPay, following pre-arrangement with the school.

Thank you