A busy and eventful month for us all in Year 2

Each month we seem to cram in more and more learning.

This is just the highlights from this past month of January;

We came back after Christmas and started researching and learning all about ‘The Great Plague’ This work has been fascinating. As well as learning all the key historical dates and facts we’ve made many comparisons between this period and our ‘current modern day plague – Covid 19’. The cures and remedies tried by our ancestors to ward off germs were interesting and sometimes familiar to us today. Who would have known that techniques such as mask wearing and isolation were started way, way back in 1665.

In maths we have tackled fractions of shapes and of amounts. We have moved on to master multiplication and division. Currently we are studying 2D and 3D shapes and investigating their properties. We’ve even been learning about symmetrical shapes and patterns.

In science we have rounded off our learning about ‘animals including humans’ by doing a couple of investigations answering very interesting questions like ‘Does our shoe size get bigger the older we get?’ and ‘Do we get taller the older we get?’ We’ve learnt how to work together to plan an investigation, how to make predictions and how to write a conclusion explaining everything we found out.

We’ve also found time to work on the apparatus in PE, learn the basic skills of invasion games, work with different art media and make New Year’s resolutions.