A Busy, Busy, Busy January !

Well January has been busy and lots of different learning opportunities have taken place.

Year 6 have been involved in the STAR project. A Youth Engagement Officer from West Mercia Police delivered the project. We completed the project during January.
We focused on the following:
Unit 1:
• Drugs awareness
• Challenging our perceptions of what a drug dealer looks like
Unit 2:
• Positive/negative feelings and how they affect our moods/behaviour
• Identifying our personal strengths to help build self -esteem
Unit 3:
• Definitions of what a drug is and awareness of legal and illegal drugs
• Awareness of different types of drugs and whether they are harmful or beneficial
• Negative impact of drinking too much alcohol
• How tobacco affects a young person’s body
• Misuse of other dangerous substances
Unit 4:
• Personality types and how being more assertive can help when dealing with peer pressure
Unit 5:
• Keeping safe and staying out of trouble
Unit 6:
• Being assertive and learning how to say NO in difficult situations
Unit 7:
• People I can go to if I need help     My hopes and dreams for the future.

During science, we have been learning about adaptation and the way in which living things change and adapt over time in order to survive in their environment. We completed a beak investigation so find out which beak type would need to adapt to survive. We completed the investigation using different types of ‘beaks’ and ‘food’. From our findings, we were able to compile a graph of our data and write a conclusion about our findings. Living things have to adapt to survive in their environment and only the offspring that successfully adapts survives. Their offspring inherit the adaptations and so the species evolves over time. This is a process known as natural selection.