A Busy June in Year 6!

June has been soooooo busy!

In Design and Technology, we researched games and activities that incorporates an electrical circuit and thought about what criteria the toy designer would need to consider. Using our own criteria (such as purpose, function, age group, theme etc) – we designed a game and made our product, which involved an electrical circuit. We made buzz wire games with different themes, quizzes – where the bulb lights up if you get the right answer – a helicopter, with a moving propeller, and a game based on the well-known game Operation but with this one, you needed to take the alien out of the spaceship and if you touched the spaceship, the dome lit up! We played the games and then evaluated them – explaining what we were pleased with and how we could improve them further.

In science, we are now exploring the area of Light. We have used the context of solving a burglary and each week the findings from our science investigations will help us eliminate a suspect. So far, we have explored light travelling in straight lines ( and proving it,) reflection ( looking at angles and making a periscope), and why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them and their length.  We look forward to continuing this in July and solving the crime.

During June, we have also taken part in the ‘Shropshire Respect Yourself: Relationship and Sex Education Programme’. This is part of the statutory National Curriculum in order to ensure our children know how to keep themselves safe and healthy and develop confidence and self-esteem to ensure they are not vulnerable or exploited in any way. The content included:

  • Puberty
  • Reproduction
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Menstruation

These have been addressed through a variety of activities such as videos, discussion, quizzes etc.

Towards the end of June, we enjoyed our Sports’ Day. The children were fantastic, showing great skills alongside great behaviour and sporting attitude! We took part in a variety of athletic skills in teams, earning points. In Miss Hailey’s class, Green team won and in Miss Booth’s class, Blue team won. Furthermore, we all took part in races – sprinting and the egg and spoon. We were extremely proud of Year Six.