A busy month in Year 2

It’s been great having everyone back together in class and we have been super bust here in Year 2.

In literacy we have been reading ‘The Queens knickers’ by Nicholas Allan. It has been fun finding out the Queen, we even wrote letters to her persuading her to visit our school. We used inspiration from the ‘Queens Knickers’ story to design and make our own knickers for the Queen. We carefully used a needle and thread to join the fabric together.

Please see photo below of Katie concentrating really hard on her sewing.


In maths we have been learning about fractions. We all know about the numerator and denominator and how to find fractions of amounts.

See photo below of Nate work hard to calculate fractions using jottings.

comparing numberscomparing numbers






We even compared fractions using the >     <     = symbols, see the photo below showing this work.

We have been taking part in virtual music lessons with Mrs Straw from the school music service. She has been teaching us all about rhythm, pitch and timbre.

See the photo below where we are all busy learning new clapping patterns in a call and response lesson.

clapping patterns

In art we have been learning to describe colours. As we were busy weaving Easter baskets from paper we thought about the names we could give each colour e.g. chick yellow, neon orange or lava red.

See photo below of us busy weaving outside.