Additional Free Data to Support Remote Learning in Lockdown

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we enter a new lockdown we understand when faced with the task of home learning this will cause a range of difficulties to many families trying to keep up online. Access to the internet seems even more crucial to get us through.

So, with that in mind, we just wanted to let you know that in conjunction with the Department for Education some of the major mobile phone companies across the country are offering free additional data to help families/pupils (existing customers) as a gesture of goodwill. The companies include EE, Sky Mobile, Smarty, Tesco, Three and Virgin. Each company will accept a limited number of requests and terms and conditions may vary for each company separately.

Company Number of requests Extra data available Available until Offer open to
EE 60 000 20GB 31/07 PAYG & Monthly
Sky Mobile 1800 100GB Not specified Monthly only
Smarty not specified Not specified 31/07 PAYG & Monthly
Tesco 1000 20GB 31/07 Monthly only
Three not specified Unlimited data 31/07 PAYG & Monthly
Virgin 1750 20GB 31/07 Monthly only

If you would like us to apply for additional data on behalf of your child, let us know via the School office email or Class Dojo. As you will appreciate there will be a lot of demand nationally, so we need to apply for this on your behalf as soon as possible.

Please also note, the information needed for us to apply on your behalf via the DfE is listed below. Please read the privacy notice below so you know what the data will be used for and by whom.

· full name of the account holder*
· mobile phone number
· mobile network
· pay as you go or monthly

*Account holders with monthly contracts need to be over the age of 18.

Companies aim to let you know if you have been successful within 14-21 days. Confirmation will come directly to yourself via a text message. The school does not have any further communication with the network companies and will not know of the outcome.

Before applying, please note the following privacy statement, which should be read and understood by:

• the adult account holder for the mobile device
• the parent/carer of the person benefiting, aged under 13
• the person benefiting from the offer, aged 13 or over

Privacy Statement

1. For the purposes of data protection, I need to let you know that the Department for Education (DfE) is running the Mobile Network Offer through schools and their trusts or local authorities.
2. If the offer is taken up by an adult account holder, the school or social care team will share the account holder’s name and mobile phone details with the DfE, who will share these with the relevant mobile network operator.
3. The mobile network operator will use that information to increase the data available for the account holder’s mobile device, if they qualify for the offer.
4. The adult account holder’s personal data is only shared with their mobile network operator for the purposes of the offer. No names of children or other adults, other than adult account holder, are shared with the DfE or the mobile network operator.
5. No personal information will be shared with the DfE if you do not want to take up the offer.
6. If you want to know more about how your personal information will be used before you take up the offer, we can send that to you first.
7. If you decide to take up the offer, you will get a text message from the Department for Education with more information about your data protection rights.
If the account holder wants to receive some written information first, here’s a link to their privacy information.

How to get 4G wireless routers
We have also been made aware the DfE are providing 4G wireless routers for disadvantaged children to help them with remote learning at home. If a child in this category cannot get a mobile data increase, they may be entitled to a wireless router.

The criteria for disadvantaged children to request a wireless router are listed below.

• Children in years 3 to 11 who do not have internet access and whose face-to-face education is disrupted.
• Children in any year group who have been advised to shield because they (or someone they live with) are clinically extremely vulnerable.
• Children in any year group attending a hospital school.

We will need evidence of:
• how we identify disadvantage children, for example if you are in receipt of free school meals or pupil premium.

All requests are assessed against the eligibility criteria. Please be aware that availability is limited so once again we would ask if you could let us know if you wish to request a router for home learning as soon as possible.

Many Thanks
Mrs Crilly