April’s Learning Showcase

Wow! What a busy April we have had!

The children in EYFS have been super busy in the first two weeks of the Summer term. We continue to use an enquiry-based approach in Project Learning to enable the collaboration of voice as the children explore and develop their ideas and thinking skills. We would like to share our thinking and show you some of the fantastic learning taking place.

Outside Garden

The children have been offered a range of mystery seed and have begun to explore what they think the seeds will grow into and what they will need to grow, as the children develop an understanding of growth, decay and changes overtime.                                  Provocation; ‘Tell me about the seed.’ In addition to this, the children have been using the digging box to also explore the provocation; ‘I wonder what is underneath’?


The children have continued with their thinking from last term, as they continue to explore Volcanoes and the range of colours they can see within the Lava.

Block Area

The children in the block area have also continued their thinking from last term about different types of bridges. They have been looking closely at similarities, differences, pattern and changes, as they compare bridges from our local community and from around the world.

Outside building

Outside the children have been using the imagination play equipment and large building material to design and build, the building they see in our community.


The children in EYFS continue to amaze us as they develop and apply their growing knowledge of phonics.


The children have been developing a range of skills within mathematics as they explore ordering items by weight, doubling and addition.