Arts Week

We had a great time during Arts Week and had the opportunity to explore a variety of arts and craft techniques.

Throughout the week, Year 6 worked on a number of projects – both 2d and 3d.

We focused on paper craft, decoupage, working with felt fabric and painting.

  • We used paper craft to make 3d flowers through the art of folding scraps of wallpaper
  • We used decoupage to create 3d woodland animal heads – using scraps of paper
  • We used Felt fabric to create 3d flowers – using our 8 x table- to create a Woodlands hanging display
  • We explored colour mixing and different paint techniques to create a tree during the four seasons

Lots of children experienced arts and craft techniques that they had never used before and have expressed an interest in doing some of these techniques in the future.

Take a look at our photos.