Good morning!

Yesterday, Woodlands welcomed author Sarah Griffiths into school to share her new book ‘The Lost Voices’.

The story is a poetic tale about the journey of humanity here on Earth, inspired by Greek myths and Andean cosmology. It was written for our time, sharing with children that the planet desperately needs our help and how connecting to our soul’s calling will heal the Earth and unite humanity. ‘The Lost Voices,’ invites children to connect to this ancient wisdom to find their joy, fulfilment and live their own purposeful life. The story also has its very own song, ‘Shiri’s Soul Song’, bringing Shiri’s soul magic to life.

Sarah also talked about the inspiration for her story and the production process which, this time around, involved working with a singer and music producer as well as an illustrator.

The children were very respectful towards Sarah, whilst she was sharing her story, and had lots of fantastic questions for her afterwards.

Visit her website to find out more:

Also, check our her Facebook page (Sarah Griffiths Author) for an interview with some of our children:

We cannot wait for Sarah to visit again 😀