December’s learning update

This month has been very busy in class. The children want to share with you some of the lovely Design and Technology and Art and design work they have created.

In Design and Technology the children have been studying Structures – Bridges. The children have investigated Arch, Beam and Truss bridges, exploring how to reinforce and improve their strength. After studying and developing their understanding of different structures in     forming bridges, they explored building a Truss bridge. First using spaghetti to evaluate practicality, their strength and stability. Then using a stronger material in wood to construct a truss bridge and evaluate the final product. Throughout the build, the children investigated the suitability of materials, how to create a frame structure with the focus of creating a triangular framed structure for strength and techniques to use tools & equipment effectively and safely.

In Art and Design the children have been learning about Painting and Mixed media. Exploring how a drawing can be developed using a range of different medias. The children have combined materials to create a shape poem with their chosen self portrait background then developing their ideas by experimenting with materials and techniques.



Year 5 – September

What a fabulous start to the new school year!

This month, the children in year 5 have been learning about Queen Victoria and Victorian Shropshire in Literacy and History. They have investigated the chronology of the era, found out more about British monarch and identified the grammatical features of a biography, in preparation for writing their own biography on Queen Victoria.

During History this month, the children have organised a selection of British monarchs in chronological order on a timeline as well as historical events from around the world to get an idea of the perspective of when these events happened in comparison to the present day.

In Science the children have been investigating forces. At first, they discussed what they believed forces were and what their experience of forces around us are. Then they raised questions that they’d like to investigate during the topic. To then conducting experiments on gravity to support or refute Galileo and Archimedes’ theories and carrying out investigations on air resistance.


Attached is the children’s Spanish topics for this term, there are different games and activities to complete using the QR code on the sheet.

Spanish home games


We have also been lucky enough to have a Cricket coach come into school to teach the children skills on how to play cricket.


The children spelling focus for this term are the units 1 – 4. Each unit focuses on a different spelling pattern and rule.

Unit 1_4

Mr Watkins & Mrs Ellis

Spring homework

In Numeracy the children will be learning to recognise, find, name and write fractions 1/3, ¼, 2/4, 3/4 of a shape, set of objects or quantity.

Here are a few websites with activities to support the children’s learning at home.

During Literacy the children are learning about The Great Plague and The Great Fire of London.

Here are some websites to look at and research the topics.

Is there a fact which really surprises you?,wasn’t%20a%20pleasant%20disease!


January update

Wow what a busy January!

This month has been jam packed. The children have been working so very hard.

We began with an amazing Free visit to Chester Zoo. Whilst there the children were asking questions non stop and recalling information they had learnt during their previous Science lessons.

During Literacy, the children started their History topic on The Great Plague. The children have researched and produced a timeline of events relating to the Great Plague. The children have learned about when the plague happened. What caused it. How it ended and what life was like during the Stuart times.  They also had the opportunity to use some artefacts form the Stuart era to support their learning.


In our Numeracy lessons we started with fractions, then moved on to shape.

During these lessons we investigated fractions of shapes and amounts using 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3.  As well as recognising non unit fractions. We then identified the properties of a range of 2D and 3D shapes. We began with our Stay and learn session, where some of our parents came to see and share our learning with us.

October update

Another busy month in Year 2 and despite having the half term break we’ve managed to cram lots of learning into October.

In maths we continued to learn addition and subtraction strategies. We learnt how to deal with unfriendly numbers and rename if necessary when subtracting to get the correct answer supported by our jottings. We’ve also had a lot of fun beginning some work looking at gathering, handing and presenting statistics.

Here’s a link to a  fabulous online tool which really clearly shows tallies, pictograms and block charts in action.


In literacy we have continued the ‘Super Shropshire’ theme

Our focus has been looking at the physical and human features of Ironbridge.  We will be writing a setting description, once we have been on our learning walk to use our field work and observational skills.


This terms planned spelling units are units 3 and 4.

Unit 3_4 spellings for October update

In science we have completed our learning for this year on ‘Living things and their habitats’ Examining how and why animals are adapted to where they live and food chains within these habitats and microhabitats.

In computing we have learnt how to use all parts of the ‘chrome music lab’ and we are now experts in creating digital music.

If you want to have a go yourself here’s a link to the music lab;

In music we have been thinking back to our year one learning, what do we know and remember about how to play the recorder. It’s only taken a short while to refresh our memories and we have been playing along to a backing track to show off our skills playing the notes B, A and C.


In PE we have moved onto a unit of ‘sending and receiving’ in outdoor PE working on refining our ball skills. Inside on a Tuesday we have started a new dance unit using our gestures and expression to communicate our ideas through movement.

In personal development we’ve completed our work on keeping safe, thinking about who keeps us safe in school, who to go to if we feel unsafe, online safety and safety in the community.