W.b. 01.03.21 Nursery Learning

We are SO SO proud of all our learners this week! Both at home and at school, you are all FANTASTIC!

As we welcomed the first week in March we have been finding out lots of things about new life in Forest School and at home. Children have noticed new growth of leaves and buds on trees and new life – tadpoles – in the pond area in Nursery. Children have begun to investigate their ideas about how and why this ‘new life’ is happening around them.

In our phonics learning children at home and at school have been enjoying ‘Letter’s and Sounds’ and ‘Listening and Attention’ activities. We have been listening to stories and using our voices articulate the characters in the story and listening for initial, middle and final sounds in words.

Our adult led learning this week has been Mathematics, with a focus on Shape, Space and Measure. Our learning has been based around the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and children have been using 2D and 3D shapes to represent parts of the story. Children have revisited thinking related to position and developed everyday and mathematical language to describe the shapes and blocks they have used in their learning.

We have also enjoyed ‘World Book Day’ this week and children have dressed up or found clues to represent one of their favourite stories.

I am so proud to be part of a team of children, educators and parents/carers who have worked together during this period of change to ensure children still have the best start in life possible! We can’t wait to see you all back next week, have a restful weekend, see you on Monday!



The focus for Project Learning has been ‘buildings’ leading onto ‘bridges’, relating to the project that is currently happening within the Block Area. Lots of the children have thought about different types of bridges and what is needed to build a strong bridge.

Lots of lovely phonics learning has taken place this week at home and school as children complete ‘Listening and Attention’ and ‘Letter’s and Sound’s’ activities. Children are really listening carefully for sounds around them and sound within words.

Adult led learning this week has had a mathematical focus as we have thought about how we can move and use positional language. Children have enjoyed recreating the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ using a range of resources to develop their ideas. We are very proud of the learning this week!

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend in the spring sunshine!

What a wonderful week of learning in Nursery

We are so proud of the learning at home and school this week!

Children have been very active in their phonics learning this week. We have been exploring how our mouths look and change when we make different sounds, thinking about the initial sounds in words and completing a range of ‘Listening and Attention’ games.

In project learning, children have been developing their ideas about colour and colour mixing. We have noticed the mixing and changing of colour in the ‘lava’ in volcanoes. We have revisited these ideas in learning at home and at school with a range of media as children have developed their ideas!

As a setting we have had a focus on ‘mindfulness’ and have enjoyed sharing our experiences between home and school. Here are some examples of the learning from home and at school.

We are so proud of you! Have a lovely half term!

Nursery Learning W.B. 8.2.21

This week in Nursery we have a focus for children to develop mindfulness practices that support them to enjoy what is happening ‘now’ (in the moment). We will be sharing a range of mindfulness activities for children to enjoy and develop skills to regulate their own emotions over time.

We will also be having ‘virtual’ meetings with children at home and at school. This is help to create links to support and strengthen bonds between home and school.

In Project Learning we will be focusing on the current interests of the children who have been learning in the ‘Workshop’ in Nursery. They have been exploring colour and colour mixing and are now thinking about the changing colours they have noticed in the ‘lava’ inside ‘volcanos’.

Daily stories will have a focus to support the mindfulness learning this week.

We are looking forward to hearing about and sharing all of our learning experiences this week!

Fabulous learning in Nursery this week!

Here are some lovely examples of the learning the children have been taking part in this week and at home.

Phonics Learning

Children in Nursery experience a range of lessons to support their knowledge of ‘Letters and Sounds’ and develop their ‘Listening and Attention’ skills. This week the children have been ‘sound hunters’, ‘sound makers’ and ‘game players’.

Mental Health Week Focus 

We have been focusing on supporting children’s mental health in Nursery this week. We have been supporting children to recognise the different emotions they have at home and in school. We have based this learning around the story ‘The Worrysaurus’. Children have been able to explore ideas around ‘self regulation’ as they have used a range of media to develop their ideas and thinking.

Project Learning 

Children’s ideas are becoming much more complex as they revisit their ideas over time about the sky. Children are noticing changes and thinking about differences they have seen over days and weeks and from night to day. Children have used a range of media to support their thinking. In other areas of project learning we have been noticing new growth, developing structures and taking care of our Guinea Pigs.


We are amazingly proud of all the children both at home and in setting. Learning is everywhere! XX We hope the experiences the children have had this week and will continue with next week will support their positive well-being.



Nursery Learning WB 01.02.21

Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week!

Please take a look at the timetable of our learning offer this week. You will be able to see more detail on your child’s class Dojo page. We will post daily tasks that will be individually set for your child’s age and ability.

We are really looking forward to seeing all of your child’s amazing thinking through the photos, videos and quotes you post on your child’s Dojo page. Please, as always, ask for any support you need with this. Here is the link to the video showing you how to upload to class Dojo.



The focus of our project learning will remain the same throughout the week. We have attached a link to the document to help you support you child with ‘enquiry based’ learning approaches whilst at home.


We are looking forward to hearing about your learning!