Jigsaw’s May learning

This month the Jigsaw children have been very busy both in Jigsaw and in the outdoor learning area with the Nurture group.

In Guided reading we have continued to focus on books that support BIG emotions. The children have worked thoughtfully and reflected on the different situations that the characters find themselves in, in the story.

One of the new books we have read in under the same sky. There is a picture below of the book.

In Literacy we have continued to work on the RWI texts, with children working hard to create, imagine and record their ideas about the stories. We are very excited that there are 2 children returning back to class for Literacy as they have made so much progress! Well done to them.

In maths we have focussed this half term on multiplication and division. The children have worked to understand and use their knowledge of shared facts from the times tables to solve equations and make links to their mental arithmetic questions. Below are some examples of the children’s work.

In the afternoon the Nurture group children have focussed on team work, developing positive relationships and sharing similar interests within their learning. A big part of this was playing, developing and trying new games, where turn taking, sharing and compromise are really important. Below there are some images of the children working.


Jigsaw 1 and 2 March update


It has been fantastic to have all the children return back into Jigsaw and share the learning that has been done at home and in school.

Jigsaw 1:

This month we have focussed on PSHE themed guided reading texts that explore big emotions. The children have listened to and responded to the stories and then been involved in discussions with their friends in the class. Posters, advice, images and ideas have then been created around these stories and characters.

In Literacy we have continued to work in our phonics groups focussing on the speed sounds – sets 1, 2 and 3. We have been building up our confidence to read with greater fluency and to share our understanding of the texts by answering questions and writing about them.

In maths we have revisited our knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables before moving onto focussing on the 3 and 4 times tables. The children have worked practically with resources, as well as with informal and formal recording. The children have been encouraged to explore their understanding of these numbers and their relationships through problem solving and reasoning questions.

We even managed to squeeze in some 3D shape modelling – using marshmallows and tooth picks!!

Jigsaw 2:

Nurture group have continued to have geography and science at the core of their learning this month. We have investigated plants, including seed dispersal and observing plants growing and where they should be placed for optimum growth. In geography the focus has been on human and physical geography. This has been represented through 3D models using a variety of materials to demonstrate their understanding of these elements. PSHE is at the core of our focus and we have developed our own skills and supported the skills of the other children through play, sharing and communication.

Jigsaw 1 and 2 remote learning for w.b. 01.03.2021


This week in Jigsaw we will be;

In Guided reading focussing on the story of Chloe the Chameleon by Celia Warren and Rob Hefferan. We will spend time discussing the text and then using it to help us answer questions. Later on in the week we will be expanding our vocabulary knowledge by selecting words to complete sentences from the text.

In Literacy the different phonics groups will be looking at and reading their new texts, alongside developing their knowledge and fluency of the speed sounds to enable them to read with increased confidence and accuracy. The children will then complete activities based on their texts which include editing, recording dictated sentences, answering questions about the text and then writing about the text.

In maths we are continuing to look at subtraction and this week we will be developing our confidence in this by solving word problems, marking work that has been completed to edit any errors and then finding the missing digits in column equations.

In Jigsaw 2 – Nurture group we will be continuing to focus on Science with plants – how do they grow and what do they need to grow. We will be continuing our exploration of geography with 3D maps using a variety of different resources to create given landscapes. And of course, we will continue to develop our PSHE skills by learning to respond appropriately and make independent, positive choices when learning independently and with others.

Of course, the work will be up loaded onto class dojos each day and we value you sending in pictures of the work you are completing at home!

If you have any problems then please do not hesitate in sending us a message or calling school so we can help you!

Take care and have a fantastic week!


Mrs Housley

Spellings for Jigsaw Literacy Groups W.b. 22.02.2021

Here are the spellings for all of the Jigsaw Literacy groups for this week.

If you are unsure of which group your child is in then please send a message through class dojo so we can help you. 😊🧩

Mrs Barnett’s spellings w.b. 22.02.21

Mrs Fairclough’s spellings w.b. 22.02.21

Mrs Housley’s spellings w.b. 22.02.21

Miss Warland’s spellings w.b. 22.02.21

Jigsaw remote learning W.b. 22.02.2021


Jigsaw timetable w.b. 22.02.21

This week in Jigsaw 1 and 2 we will be;

In guided reading focussing on the book called ‘How turtle got his shell’ by Susan Akass. We will be reading this together and then answering some questions based on the text and expanding our vocabulary knowledge using words and meanings from the book.


There is an opportunity for some extra reading and listening to animal based stories through the Twinkle Go link show above.  📚🧩


In Literacy this week the different phonics groups will be focusing on their texts, whilst following the speed sounds lessons and recording their ideas about stories and characters. There are spellings for each group in the homework page for you to practise each day.

Each phonic group will load their texts and work on the Class Dojo page each day. 📒📝😊

In maths this week we are revisiting the subtraction from the end of last term and then moving on to renaming and completing more complicated equations using the skills we have already developed. If you have worked hard and completed the learning set then please use the link for the mental arithmetic ‘work out’ with the games on Twinkl Go. 📘✏🧮

In Nurture group we will be continuing to explore maps and the information they can provide us alongside developing our own understanding of Human and Physical geography by creating 3D landscapes and maps to demonstrate this. the children will also be encouraged to explore plants and growing as we take some small steps towards more milder weather! Below are some links to mindfulness for anyone that would like to explore them and use them in this tricky time. 🙌🌈


All work will be posted daily on Class Dojo’s and the Jigsaw staff are all available to help with learning, answer any questions and celebrate your success!! Below is the link for the Jigsaw class page.


Have a fantastic week and we have got our fingers crossed that we are able to see lots more of you back in school soon – we miss you all!  😊🧩

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Housley 🤩😊🧩


Jigsaw remote learning for W.b. 08.02.2021


This week in Jigsaw we are working in a slightly different way. We will be focussing on mental health, well-being and kindness.

We are going to make calm down jars this week – you can use any jar, and add some food colouring, glitter and some oil – it could be baby oil if you have it. Make sure the lid is on well and then shake and watch the glitter settle.

On Tuesday we are going to make some salt dough friendship/kindness tokens – this is an easy recipe – just salt, plain flour and water. Design a shape and then leave it to dry in a warm place. We are decorating them later in the week. Then we are going to be creating our own doddle pictures based on all the things that we love and enjoy! Make sure they are bright and colourful!!

On Wednesday we are going to create some worry dolls – don’t worry if you don’t have a peg you can just draw a person shape and cut it out – these are great to share any worries with – they work well if you tell them your worries before bed and then let them sleep close to you.

On Thursday we are going to be creating some collaborative art work using Jigsaw piece shapes as a template. Decorate them in any way you like, something that represents you and then keep it to bring in when we are all back to add to our whole class display!

Friday is when we will be sharing the love! We will be using Valentines day as our inspiration to create some cards and pictures to let people know we love them!

If you need some extra tranquillity then follow the links for Forest based meditation and yoga!

Forest yoga session

Woodland meditation

Remember to look on class dojo’s for daily updates and please remember to share any learning that you have done so we can celebrate your success!


Mrs Housley, Mrs Barnett and Mrs Fairclough



Jigsaw remote learning week beginning 01.02.2021

This week  we will be learning about:

Guided reading – We will be reading ‘How the bear lost his tail’ by Susan Price and Sara Ogilvie. Read the story that we have attached to class dojo’s and then complete the work that has been set on the power point. This will include; answering questions about the story, completing a book review, vocabulary work and creating some art work based on the story and characters.

Phonics – We are asking children to practise the relevant speed sound for their phonics groups. They are then to read their phonics storybook before completing  proofreading, answering questions about the text, editing a sentence and producing a piece of writing linked to their text. Children are to see their individual phonics class dojo page for their learning for that week.

Speed sound lessons Mrs Fairclough w.b. 01.02.21

Speed sound lessons Mrs Housley and Mrs Barnett w.b. 01.02.21

Maths: In maths we will be focussing on subtraction this week – starting with informal methods and developing and building our confidence to use more formal methods, such as column subtraction. We will not be regrouping this week, as we will ensure that we confident with the basic methods first.

Nurture: We are will be continuing to discuss and share our thinking about where we live and the world we live in. We have also started to consider how we can use a variety of resources to print patterns. We will continuing this next week – if you have resources at home that can make a pattern with when you add colour to them and then press them onto paper you could try this.

We will be posting daily learning (PowerPoints, videos, website links)  on Class Dojos so make sure you visit this site regularly to check for new learning and challenges.

Remember to share any of your home learning with us through class dojo messages or portfolios.

ClassDojo for Teachers

We look forward to seeing all your great learning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of the Jigsaw staff if you need any additional support during this time.

Take care,

Mrs Housley