School Council Assembly w/c 15th January

This week, the School Council have delivered the attached assembly reminding all children of the rules now we are back in the hall for assembly & lunch – and the reasons why we have these rules.

School Council Assembly wc 15th Jan PDF for dojos

That being said, staff have been blown away with how well the children have coped with these changes – assemblies and dinner times are running very smoothly and successfully.


What a crazy few months this has been!

In Literacy, the children retold the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’ using their revised knowledge of expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and direct speech, to make their versions more interesting. Mr Watkins and I really enjoyed reading them.

Then, they carried on their work around ‘Earth’s Extreme’ with a focus on earthquakes, due to the recent, and ongoing, disaster in Turkey and Syria.

Again, they recapped their geographical knowledge of: the world’s continents; the equator; the northern & southern hemispheres and lines of longitude & latitude.

Next, they researched some of the most significant, and therefore famous, earthquakes in history, including the devastating one in Indonesia on Boxing Day in 2004.

The children then found out about what causes an earthquake and how they are measured. They wrote informative paragraphs, about these two things, with a specific focus on using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions in their writing.

Finally, following on from their homework over February half-term, the children wrote persuasive letters to families at Woodlands to convince them to support people in Turkey and Syria who have been impacted by recent events there. The children can be very persuasive!

After Easter, the children’s Literacy work will be based around the ‘Glorious and Gruesome Greeks’ of Ancient Greece. We know lots of them are looking forward to it!


In Numeracy, the children have learnt a new formal written method: long multiplication.

They have also revised square & cube numbers and decimals, including turning decimals into fractions when the denominator is /10, /100 or /1000.


In Science, the children have concluded their learning about forces and have moved on to finding out about Space! We thoroughly enjoyed recreating the solar system on the playground.


Finally, in Music, the children have been working really hard at mastering the note E on the recorder, alongside G, A and B. We are amazed at their skills and the progress they have made. After half-term, we will be moving on to note D.


At Woodlands, we endeavour to foster a love of reading at every opportunity as reading underpins everything we do.

On Thursday, we hosted our first ever ‘Books with Breakfast’ event where parents were invited to come into school, with their children, to enjoy reading together with breakfast.

It was very popular and the feedback has been fantastic.

We cannot wait for the next one!


January in Y5 has flown by!

In Literacy, the children have been undertaking work around our new topic ‘Earth’s Extreme’ – with a focus this half term on volcanoes. They began by recapping their geographical knowledge of: the world’s continents; the equator; the northern & southern hemispheres and lines of longitude & latitude. We also talked about the central line of latitude, the Greenwich Meridian, which runs right through our capital city, London!

Next, they practically explored the layers of Earth with a focus on the crust and the mantle as this is what is involved when a volcano is formed. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty to create their own playdough model of Earth.

The children then found out about key volcanoes, including the ring of fire, and the three main types of volcano: composite, shield and cinder cone. They were most intrigued by the shield volcanoes as, apparently, when you look at them from above, they look like a warrior’s shield. Finally, the children explored what the land is used for around volcanoes; they were very surprised at the number of people living near to active, and potentially deadly, volcanoes.

We have relished the opportunity to interact with the website below which details active volcanoes and earthquakes around the world:

At the moment, the children are recapping their knowledge on narrative writing based on the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit.

In the next few weeks, they will be retelling the story using the revision they have done, on expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and direct speech, to make their writing more interesting. Mr Watkins and I are very excited to read their versions!


In Numeracy, the children have revised rounding and 2D & 3D shapes. They have also learnt how to turn improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa. This is a Y5 target and the children have done phenomenally well using the instructions below:

In Science, the children have concluded their learning about materials and their properties and have now moved on to finding out about forces. Right now, the children are investigating gravity and having a lot of fun doing so!


Finally, in Music, the children have been working really hard at mastering the note G on the recorder, alongside A and B. This is really tricky but they have almost cracked it. Next week, we will be moving on to the note E which is very exciting.


Good morning!

Yesterday, Woodlands welcomed author Sarah Griffiths into school to share her new book ‘The Lost Voices’.

The story is a poetic tale about the journey of humanity here on Earth, inspired by Greek myths and Andean cosmology. It was written for our time, sharing with children that the planet desperately needs our help and how connecting to our soul’s calling will heal the Earth and unite humanity. ‘The Lost Voices,’ invites children to connect to this ancient wisdom to find their joy, fulfilment and live their own purposeful life. The story also has its very own song, ‘Shiri’s Soul Song’, bringing Shiri’s soul magic to life.

Sarah also talked about the inspiration for her story and the production process which, this time around, involved working with a singer and music producer as well as an illustrator.

The children were very respectful towards Sarah, whilst she was sharing her story, and had lots of fantastic questions for her afterwards.

Visit her website to find out more:

Also, check our her Facebook page (Sarah Griffiths Author) for an interview with some of our children:

We cannot wait for Sarah to visit again 😀



On Friday 4th November, the children in years five and six enjoyed a virtual author event with author Jeffrey Boakye to promote his new book Musical Truth: A musical journey through modern black Britain’.

Structured around a playlist of 28 songs, each song tracks key moments in black history and the emotional impact of both the songs and the artists who performed them. This is a history book you can dance to!

Some of our thoughts after the event:

  • Bouake thought it was good and loved that Jeffrey referenced dinosaurs.
  • Theo loved that his book is about Music because Theo really likes listening to music and learning about it. Shyloh too!
  • Leon loved that Jeffrey played small parts of the song as a preview. Leon felt like a VIP.
  • Daisy enjoyed that he spoke about his own experiences which influenced his book, mainly ‘borrowing’ a DVD from his sister. This made Daisy chuckle!
  • Frankie-Jay loved that Jeffrey referenced football and Scratch – two things that Frankie-Jay loves.
  • Tyla-Jai found it interesting when he answered questions from the audience. She thought he was quite funny especially when he chose not to answer a question about his favourite book.
  • Max liked that Jeffrey talked about his children and that they like his books.