Year 3’s November Update

This month in Literacy, the children have developed their understanding of the story ‘The First Drawing’. They have also practised using co-ordinating conjunctions and learnt about contractions. As well as this, they have been learning how to use thesauruses to look up synonyms. We are now moving onto instructional writing and today the children gave and followed instructions to make a jam sandwich.

In their Numeracy lessons, the children have learnt to divide by 3, 4 and 8. They have also learnt how to draw and interpret tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. Over the next week, they children will be learning a formal method for addition.

In Science, the children have enjoyed their first lesson about light. They looked in a dark box to see if they could identify the object in there. They found out that they needed some light to enable them to see the object clearly. The children sorted a range of pictures into two groups; is a light source and is not a light source.

Just a reminder, the children are going to the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre on Wednesday 29th November. They will need to wear their school jumper, with PE bottoms and suitable footwear for walking. They will need a small bag and a drinks bottle, as well as their lunch if they are not having a school sandwich.

Children spreading jam on bread

A child looking into a dark box

Year 3’s October Update

This month, the children have written their own version of ‘The Stone Age Boy’. They used inverted commas, coordinating conjunctions and a range of adjectives to make their stories interesting.

In Maths, the children have been adding a two digit number to a three digit number using jottings. After half term, the children will be using an expanded column method to add three digit numbers together.

In Science this month, the children have enjoyed planning an investigation to find out which magnets are the strongest.

Children eating fruit off a skewer

As part of their Design and Technology project, the children have made Japanese fruit skewers and planned and made their own vegetable pastry tart. We have attached the recipes on Class Dojo should you wish to make them at home with your child.

Year 3 September 2023

What a great start to Year 3!

This month the children have settled well into their new classes.

In Literacy, the children have enjoyed reading the Stone Age boy. The children have showed their understanding by answering a range of comprehension questions and exploring the vocabulary. The children are now writing sentences about the Stone Age boy using coordinating conjunctions.

In Numeracy, the children can now recognise the place value of three-digit numbers and are able to find 10 more/10 less and 100 more/100 less of a three-digit number.

In their Science lessons, they have looked at forces and carried out their first investigation to find out which material causes the most friction.

Children writing

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their first Spanish lessons and they have learnt how to greet others and ask how they are.


Year 3’s June Update

In Numeracy, the children have been identifying horizontal and vertical lines, identifying fractions and they are currently learning to tell the time to the nearest minute.

In Literacy, the children enjoyed their trip to the Roman Deva museum which has supported their historical research to help them write their Non-Chronological report about the Roman Legacy.

In Science, the children loved investigating the permeability of different rocks by dropping water on each rock.

Children testing rocks

The children have also enjoyed learning animal names in Spanish with Miss Green.

Year 3 May Update

This month in Literacy and History, the children have started their new curriculum theme ‘The Romans’. They have learnt about when they existed and have began to research to find out more about them. This will help them to begin to write a non-chronological report about the Romans.

In their Maths, the children have been looking at money, calculating different totals using a variety of coins and finding change.

In their Science learning, they have been continuing to learn more about Animals and Humans, looking at the skeleton, the muscles and how these work together.

In June, the children are attending an overnight residential to Beaudesert. As well as this, we are visiting the Roman Deva Museum in Chester on the 12th June.

Year 3’s April update

Since coming back from Easter, the children have enjoyed researching rivers in the United Kingdom and they are currently writing a setting description about the River Severn and the local area of Ironbridge.

In Numeracy, the children have been measuring items in centimetres and millimetres as well as grams and kilograms. They have been able to read scales and also draw the measurements onto the scales.

As part of their computing work, the children have been testing out digital and non-digital tools by drawing a replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. They were able to talk about what they preferred and why.

This month, the children were involved in a Cricket Taster session by Shropshire Cricket. The children really enjoyed this and there was amazing team work and sportsmanship skills seen across the class.

Children playing cricket in the school hall

Year 3’s March Learning

This month in their Literacy lessons, the children have researched the Giant’s Causeway and written a setting description using sensory details. The staff were really impressed with some of the adjectives they used in their writing.

In Numeracy, the children have been identifying different types of angles, such as right angles, obtuse and acute angles. As well as this, they have also practised using a ruler to measure accurately in millimetres and centimetres. Can your child show you how to measure accurately with a ruler at home?

During the afternoons, the children have been learning the Easter songs, practising their lines and acting skills for their Easter Production.

The children look forward to seeing you tomorrow (Wednesday 29th March) at 9:15am in the school hall.

Children looking for right angles.

Year 3’s February Update

This month, as part of our geographical work the children enjoyed a walk down to Ironbridge where they drew a sketch map and identified human and physical features of the local area. The children then compared some of the features in Ironbridge with Edinburgh, which the children have been researching in class.

Children eating fruit kebabs

The children have worked very hard in Numeracy this month, they have been identifying fractions and finding fractions of amounts.

As part of their Design and Technology nutrition focus, the children made Japanese fruit skewers, following the recipe carefully and learning how to cut a range of fruits. As well as this, they then learnt about seasonality and designed their own vegetable pastry tart using seasonal vegetables. The children really enjoyed tasting their creations after!

Year 3’s January Update

As part of our Literacy and Geographical work, the children have been learning how to use atlases to find cities and counties in the UK. The children have then researched Cardiff and Belfast and they have used this information to write a comparative piece of writing, looking at similarities and differences between the two cities.

In Numeracy, the children have mastered expanded decomposition method as part of their work learning 3 digit – 3 digit subtraction. They have also learnt to multiply a 2 digit number by a single digit number using the partitioning method. Please help the children learn their 4x table, including the related division facts, as this is a focus for this half term.

During their Science lessons, the children have carried out an investigation to identify the most reflective material. Some children found that foil was the most reflective, whilst other children found that the reflective strips on the walking bus jackets were the most reflective. This then led the children on to think about the suitability of materials and they decided that wearing foil when they are out would not be the most suitable choice!

Children playing the recorder.

The children have really enjoyed learning to play the recorders as they are continuing to build on the notes they learnt in Year 2. A well done to the children who are going to be taking part in the Recorder Festival in February at the Theatre!