Year 6 – April

During April, Year 6 have studied different artists, their styles and the techniques they use in Art. They children have looked at the works of Lubaina Himid. Himid was a British Artist (born in Zanzibar) and she used her art to tell her stories about the identity and history of black people in Western Society. The children also looked at the works of Fiona Rae; the children used the artwork to inspire them to recreate the piece showing their thoughts and feelings through shapes, lines and colour choice.

In Personal Development, Year 6 have learnt about different aspects of a healthy lifestyle. This included diet, exercise, rest and relaxation and dental hygiene. The children reflected on their own lifestyles and set themselves targets for a healthy lifestyle. For example, try to relax before bed, rather than spend time on devices.

In numeracy, the children have recapped their knowledge of perimeter, before calculating area and volume of shapes. The children have also learnt how to convert between different units of measure. Year 6 have learnt how to multiply mixed number fractions, recapping their knowledge of converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions, and vice versa. The children have also enjoyed our new times table challenge, ‘The 99 Club’, where the children can go up a stage after getting each times table correct in their level.

Year 6 – February

During February, the children took part in workshop sessions from PCSO Karl Jolly. The children learnt about drugs and alcohol, online safety and knife crime. The children looked at the side effects of drugs and alcohol and saw examples of how personal data can be shared online.

The children explored their topic unit of ‘Fight for Freedom’ in literacy, history and geography. The children looked at the journey of the Titanic and the passengers – who they were and why they were travelling. They compared this to the Pilgrims’ journey to America and their reasons for travel. They also compared a region in the UK to a region in the USA, specifically looking at physical and human geography features.

Year 6 completed newspaper reports about the sinking of the Titanic in literacy. The children learnt about features of a newspaper report, colons, semi-colons and dashes and formal and informal language. The children have also explored the story, ‘Kaspar, Prince of Cats’ by Michael Morpurgo, which has influence their own narratives about Kaspar – a prequel and sequel.

Year 6 – December

During December, the children created cushions in Design and Technology. They designed an applique design for the front of the cushion and created a pattern to use. Then, the children explored different stitches (backstitch, running stitch, whip stitch and blanket stitch) and had a practise at these. They decided which stitches they would use for the seams of the cushion and for the applique. After using our pattern to cut out the fabric, the children started to sew on each section of their design (applique). After sewing 3 seams, the children then inserted the wadding before sewing the final seam. The children are really proud of their cushions and showed great resilience!

The children also completed a non-chronological report about their own God, following their learning of Gods in Ancient Egypt. The children included the literary techniques they have been working on throughout year six so far, including bullet points and colons for lists.

The children have also enjoyed three Christmas jumper days, a Christmas dinner and a Christmas party!

Year 6 – October

Year 6 have had a busy October!

Year 6 have spent their Personal Development sessions looking at relationships, respectful relationships and stereotypes. The children have shared their ideas about what respectful relationships look like and identified examples of respectful relationships. When learning about stereotypes, the children identified how stereotypes can be harmful and what can be done to break stereotypes.

The children started their science experiment about how mould grows. The children have predicted in which environment mould will grow the most (in a warm climate, damp climate etc). The children have recorded their results over 2 weeks and will summarise their findings in November.

In history, the children have continued to learn about the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation, including Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. The children researched the lives of Howard Carter and Tutankhamun, linking their knowledge to the history and geography substantive concepts. This knowledge will then support their writing of Howard Carter’s diary over the next few weeks.

The children enjoyed ‘Foundation Week’ during the last week of half term, where they looked at photography in art, 3D design in computing and dilemmas in RE (with links to Buddhism). The children looked at macro photography in the style of Edward Weston and photomontage in the style of Hannah Hock before creating their own self portraits using the grid method.

Year 6 – September

The children have had a fantastic start to Year 6!

In literacy, the children’s learning has been centred around the music video ‘Titanium’. Through this, the children have explored their narrative writing, learning about expanded noun phrases, dialogue, tenses, fronted adverbials and relative clauses. The children have also recapped their knowledge of word class. They have created fantastic setting descriptions based on the video; some of these will be on display outside our classrooms.

In numeracy, the children have learnt about place value, including ordering and comparing numbers to 1,000,000. The children have also recapped on their learning of formal methods (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), including applying this knowledge to problem solving and reasoning. Finally, the children have learnt to do long division.

The children have enjoyed their introduction to History and Geography, where they have learnt about the Ancient Egyptians. The children have created a timeline of the civilisations and identified which substantive concepts they will be learning about. They have compared similarities and differences between the Ancient Egyptians and other ancient civilisations.


Year 6 – March

The children in year 6 have had a very busy March!

Throughout March, the children have started to learn about Ancient Egypt.

We discussed and compared our knowledge about ancient civilisations (from previous learning) and what we know about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. After researching The Nile, we wrote a comparative report about The Nile during Ancient Egyptian times and now. Furthermore, we researched Tutankhamun and Howard Carter using primary and secondary sources in preparation for the children’s diary recount, written in first person as if they were Howard Carter.

The children also enjoyed the ‘Junk Percussion Workshop’, where they experienced different rhythms on a variety of junk instruments. The children performed ‘We Will Rock You’ using these different rhythms.

Year 6 have been very busy throughout November!

We have continued our ‘Fight for Freedom’ topic in literacy; the children have done lots of fantastic work around the story ‘Kasper Prince of Cats’ and his journey on the Titanic. The children have completed a piece of narrative writing on Kasper’s next adventures to the Statue of Liberty, which the children worked really hard on. We have developed our skills in writing for narratives, including creating atmosphere, using dialogue and developing expanded noun phrases.

In numeracy, we have one lots of work on adding, subtracting and comparing fractions with different denominators and applied our knowledge to problem solving. We have learnt about a new year 6 target (BIDMAS) and continued working on rounding numbers.

We had our last session with PCSO Karl Jolly looking at illegal and legal substances and making good choices. We have lots of great pictures on our Class Story so please make sure to have a look! The children also had a workshop about knife crime where the children were given helpful advice about staying safe.

We are very much looking forward to all the fun planned in December!