What have we been up to?

Last week saw the year 6 members of the group attending the S.T.A.R. project each afternoon. S.T.A.R. project explored thinking around drugs and alcohol, about taking risks and the effects of these substances.





This week, beginning Monday 9th October, we will be having our Creative Arts themed week, linking lessons to our topic of ‘Growth’. This will include poetry, maths to measure our growth and studying the famous British environmental/natural artist, Andy Goldsworthy.


Busy, busy, busy

This week has seen key stage 2 Jigsaw begin reading a new text, ‘Sand Wizards’ by Jon Blake; a story of friendship and teamwork. In numeracy, we have continued working on place value to explore 3 digit numbers and some 4 digit numbers with greater confidence. Place value vocabulary was used to play Bingo – no gambling with money was involved, although several children suggested it for next time! During our afternoons sessions, we have looked at Harvest Festival. Artistic skills were used to control the thickness of pencil lines to sketch a selection of fruit and vegetables.

Curriculum Overview

Within Jigsaw, we will be exploring, researching and developing theories and thoughts surrounding the topic of ‘Growth’. We will be using a variety of different materials, media and research to question, analyse and reflect upon our thinking. As the year progresses, we will follow the children’s lines of enquiry and further develop their understanding of growth.