Year 2 Remote learning week beg 22.2.21

We hope you have enjoyed a lovely, safe half term and the start of this half term finds you all well.

Here is this week’s timetable.

Please find a link to a copy of this week’s timetable below to view it as a PDF.

wb 22.2.21

In Literacy, we are completing our work on the Plague and are going to complete a leaflet describing the symptoms and suggested medications, looking at expanded noun phrases and planning and writing a character description of the Plague Doctor.

In Maths, we are also completing work we have been doing for the past few weeks on measure, looking at temperature. We will be reading scales and solving word problems involving temperature. Additionally, we will also look at solving a logic puzzle and completing our weekly arithmetic test.

In our Foundation subjects, we will be looking at PE (dribbling skills and fitness), Art (drawing skills), Science (materials) and Computing (searching safely on the Internet).

1.2.21 Y2 Weekly timetable

On Tuesday and Wednesday in Literacy we will begin to research the Plague of 1665. We will place the event in the correct place on a Chronological timeline.

On Thursday we will look at up levelling vocabulary to help support us in our writing of a leaflet warning readers of what the symptoms of the Plague are (the one in 1665 not current day!) We will use this tired pyramid.

In Numeracy, we are looking at capacity.

On Wednesday we will compare the capacity amounts using the <> or = symbols.

Thursday will see us solving word problems involving capacity and working out what type of calculation it is asking us to complete. (+-x or divide).

Y4 Viking longboats

As part of their homework project, Year 4 had to create a Viking Longboat using any materials of their choice. Mrs Shedden and Mrs Whiteley were overwhelmed with the effort that the children (and their parents) had put into these creations. They are now displayed around school for the rest of the children to enjoy.

Author visit

Today the whole school had special visitors into their assembly, author Jess Hiles and her mum Jo Allmond. Jess’ books all follow a similar theme ‘It’s ok to be different’.  They followed up the assembly with a question and answer session with years 4, 5 and 6.

Year 4 learn the Saxophone

Today we have started learning our new instrument, the small Saxophone. We have learnt the names of the different parts and have put together a set of notes to compose a tune. We are looking forward to learning new notes and tunes in the next 10 weeks.

Last day at Arthog.

Children are taking part in their last activity of Orienteering before having lunch. We will let you know what time we are leaving and give an approximate time of arrival. Children have had a fantastic time and made great memories. A weather update-we have had no snow so there is no expected delays in our return.