Autumn 2 in Year 4!

What a busy half term it has been in year 4.


In Literacy, the children have explored two different texts both written by Michael Morpurgo. They have explored the vocabulary and language used, predicted what will happen next and used their inference skills to describe a character. The children, have then focused on co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions to extend their main clauses. Also they have used expanded noun phrases to add more detail into their writing.

In maths, the children have developed their formal written methods for addition and subtractions. They have also focused on their times table knowledge exploring factor pairs with arrays. The children have also collected and presented data in a tally chart and bar chart and have used these to interpret the information from the data.

In science, the children have investigated what makes the best material for a conductor by conducting their own fair test. They have then moved onto investigating different states of matter and their properties by making careful observations on how they behave.

In art, the children have been exploring “Power Prints” by investigating different ways to create light and tone using sketching pencils. They have then also design and created their own printing style and used these to create patterns from print.

In Geography, the children have explored the physical and human features of the countries of Europe and they have focused on Spain and Iceland. They have then compared these countries identifying their similarities and differences. The children, have the used a compass to find and locate north, south, east and west and used this to describe their location.

In Personal Development, the children have continued to look at their different relationships and what is a good friend. They have also then looked at their own health and well-being looking at what keeps us both physically and mentally healthy and what they can do to help themselves.

In our Design and Technology, the children have explored existing biscuits then followed and adapted a recipe ensuring they keep to hygiene rules. Following this, they have design and then made their own biscuits.

Finally in Religious Education, the children have learnt about the 5 Pillars of Islam and their significance to Muslims.