Year 3 Year Assembly

We performed our number day assembly to our parents and careers. We have been learning our lines, practising our parts and remembering where to move to and when to sing. Our assembly was based on Number Day which is a campaign by the NSPCC to help children everywhere. Because of this we learnt number songs using our times table facts and even challenged the audience with a problem solving activity. Some of us had to overcome our fears to push ourselves to say our lines when the room was full of adults. We all did really well, and the donations from the tea and coffee went to the NSPCC.

Firemen Visit Year 3

Today we invited the local firefighters into school to discuss fire safety with year 3. We looked at different situations around the home and what can cause a fire risk to us. We were able to identify the different risks and discuss what we can do to eliminate that risk. After we thought about what we do in the event of a fire in our home. We talked about the importance of having a working smoke alarm that will alert us to smoke in the home and having a family escape plan so we can evacuate the house safely and wait the for fire brigade to come and help us. Finally we talked about the different emergency services that we have and what each service can help us with.

Anti-Bullying in Year 3

Anti Bullying Week

We have been talking about anti bulling in class this week. After looking at the different forms that bullying takes physical, emotional and social/cyber. We have looked at different scenarios and then acted this out. Finally we thought about how we could offer support to someone in these situations. We stated that is was always best to tell an adult that you trust to help you deal with the problem.

Arts week ‘The Enchanted Wood’

Our theme for Arts week was based on ‘The Enchanted Wood’ which is a famous story written by Enid Blyton.

Based on this story the children were set 3 quests from the Woodland Fairy to solve by the end of the week to unlock the treasure chest. Inside was some jewels and each child was lucky enough to be able to take one home!

In Literacy children had to write their own magical adventure story and in Maths children were set a different problem linked to our woodland theme. Children also made a class tree which is on display outside our classroom as well as clay leaf bowls!

What a lovely week of activities we had!