Year 4 October Update

Another incredible month in year 4! Lots of fantastic learning and fabulous work being completed every day.

As part of Black History month, we have been learning all about the Empire Windrush and the people that travelled to England on it. The class had to put themselves in the shoes of one of the passengers and write a diary entry as if they were them. Year 4 really managed to capture how they would have felt and what they would have thought.

In literacy, we have begun our topic ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ which covers Geography and have learnt all about the United Kingdom, its countries and cities and how to locate these places on a map. We have studied Ordinance Survey maps and learnt all about what the symbols mean and how to use 4 and 6 figure grid references.

As mathematicians, we have been looking at rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000 and have been continuing to develop our arithmetic skills.

As artists, we have thought about how J.M.W Turner has created the illusion of light in his paintings and then had a go at using paints to create scenes of famous British landscapes.

We have continued to explore the terms rhythm, pulse, beat and dynamics as musicians this month and have now been introduced to staff notation. We can now recognise crotchets and quavers.

In our swimming lessons, we have been developing our techniques for backstroke and front crawl.

October Pictures

Miss Roberts and Miss Whale

Celebrating harvest in year 1

In year 1 we would normally join with year 2 to create a harvest festival and invite our grown ups in to come and watch us. This year has been a bit different but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate harvest and share it with our grown ups.

We have learnt, created actions and performed the song ‘Big red combine harvester’. The children have found out about why harvest is celebrated and drew their own red combine harvester that could be shown during the performance.


Poppy Run /Walk -2020

Good morning everyone,

Joshua Matthews and his family are taking part in the Poppy Run/Walk – a 5km event, to raise money for the British Legion. Please see the link below if you woulld like to support them and donate to this very worthy cause. Many thanks.

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Over the last half term the children within our EYFS setting at Woodlands Primary School have been thinking lots about the story ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. After sharing the story, the children have engaged in many different projects relating to different sections of the story. As Educators, we have been enormously proud of the complex thinking the children have displayed about themselves, their homes and how they may differ to one another. Also planet Earth – moving onto space, under the sea, the human skeleton, ecology and how to best take care of living things on our planet! Through these interests the children have represented their ideas through a range of media and materials. They have developed their learning skills – resilience, independence, confidence, sharing, collaboration and learning to conversate with one another about their ideas. The children have learned lots about their own emotional and social behaviours through this too! Please take a look at the photos below to see a snap shot of the learning that has taken place!



Year 4 September Update


Wow, what a start to the year! Both classes have settled incredibly well and are working extremely hard.

In literacy, we have been using Oliver Jeffers’s story ‘Here We Are’ as a stimulus to explore our thoughts and feelings about the world around us. This heartfelt and thought-provoking book from Oliver Jeffers is dedicated to his son, Harland and was written in the first two months of Harland’s life. It was inspired by Oliver’s desire to make sense of the world for his son, but is also a gift to all children at this time, helping them to make sense of the world and their role in it.

This has been a year of significant world events, disrupting and changing the ways of life of people across the globe. In this unit of work, we have had the opportunity to explore our thoughts and feelings about these events through poetry, music, letter writing and discussion.

As mathematicians, we have been working hard on place value of 4 digit numbers. We can now identify the value of each and partition numbers and use these skills to compare and order. Then, we have begun to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

As scientists we have been exploring electricity. We have made simple circuits and learnt about a range of components, we can recognise materials that act as conductors and insulators and why these are necessary. We are also aware now of the dangers when working with electricity and understand how to keep ourselves safe.

In our art lessons we have been studying the famous British artist J.W.M Turner as part of our ‘Land of Hope Glory’ topic. As artists, we have studied different sketching techniques and used these to help us create drawings of famous London landmarks.

We have been exploring rhythm, pulse, beat and dynamics as musicians this term, using our bodies as percussion instruments.

As part of our PE curriculum, the children have been working extremely hard during swimming lessons and are becoming much confident in the water.

Miss Roberts and Miss Whale