February in Year 1!

Wow – what a great few weeks we have had in Year 1. We are excited to share the children’s achievements with you!


The teachers in Year 1 have been super impressed with the children’s reading skills this half term. Our target is to read all Set 3 Sounds at speed by Easter – lots of us are already there, keep practising at home using the Virtual Classroom videos that are sent out weekly. The children have also been improving their fluency skills, which in turn, has improved their understanding of texts. We love to see so many of you reading at home. The children have also been working hard at transferring these reading skills to their writing. They are getting much better at writing sentences that make sense; using with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. The children have been learning to use connectives to add more detail to their writing.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from the author Sarah Griffiths – we have used her book as a ‘Favourite Five’ text this half term.


Within Numbersense the children have continued to develop their understanding of number through ‘making and breaking numbers to 9’.

Alongside this, the children have enjoyed reading, writing and counting within numbers to 100 and looking at place value by representing amounts using dienes. The children have really impressed staff by learning how to count in groups of two and representing amounts in arrays, beginning to show a good understanding of multiplication.


The children are enjoying their on-going enquiries into the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. They are able to recall the 4 countries that make up the UK and can discuss the 7 continents of the world. More recently, the children have been exploring the seas and oceans that surround the UK and are looking forward to finding out more about the 5 oceans of the world. They have represented their findings through map work, collaborative building and drawing and writing.


The children have gained new knowledge about animals, including humans within their science enquiries. During their science lessons, the children have investigated (both using the internet, non-fiction texts and exploring the outdoor areas) and found out new information about the anatomy of the human body and, in particular, the five senses. One child wondered if all human’s eat the same foods, which led us on to our current investigation into the diets of all animals, including humans. The children are now exploring the concepts herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and educators wonder if the children spot any similarities or differences between each of these groups? The children have represented their findings through scientific drawings, building, painting and through the use of Venn diagrams.



In PE, the children are continuing to develop their fundamental movement skills and have enjoyed following the rules of outdoor sports games within their outdoor PE sessions


In Music, the children have gained knowledge around a wider range of music genres and enjoyed listening to and appraising different songs.

Year 1’s January Update.


In Maths, the children have been developing their understanding of place value and working with numbers up to 50, by counting forwards and back. They have also been representing two-digit numbers within 50, using tens frames and dienes.  The children then applied their understanding of place value when completing addition and subtraction equations involving numbers 0 – 20. To support them with this, they used number lines, physical resources or jottings.


In Geography, the children have explored their experiences of the United Kingdom and the wider world. They can now name the four countries of the UK and have a better understanding of their position within it. They also have a better understanding of the UK’s position within the continent of Europe.  They have also begun to explore some of the other continents of the world.

In Spring 2, we will further this understanding again as we explore the differences in human and physical features of Ghana compared to the UK, including the weather – drawing upon prior knowledge of continents.


In Science, the children have furthered their knowledge of seasonal change and are now building on their understanding of how day length varies. In recent weeks, they have begun to explore the timing of the sunrise and sunset, and how these change throughout the seasons.


In Music, the children have been listening to, and appraising, a range of different genres of music, thinking carefully about the style, the structure, and the instruments they can hear.




Autumn 2 in Year One

Autumn 2 has been a busy one in Year 1!

The children have continued to work hard with their reading in their Phonics groups – the staff, and FRED, have been very impressed! In Spring 1, the children’s target is to recall all set 2 special friends sounds. Resources to support this will be sent home soon, in addition to the virtual classroom links. Parents – watch this space!

In Maths, the children have furthered their understanding of subtraction involving numbers up to 20 – using physical resources, a number line or jottings. They have also explored capacity using non-standard measures such as rice, water and sand. It got very messy!

In Geography, the children have furthered their understanding of human and physical features in their local area. In Spring 1, they will further this understanding again considering human and physical features in the UK and then Ghana!

In Science, the children have explored how day length varies throughout the seasons. They now know that in the winter the day is shorter than in the summer.

In Music, the children have continued to rehearse their recorder skills – learning notes A and B. The next challenge is to play them consecutively!

We are very much looking forward to Spring 1 in Year 1.

September in Year 1

The children have had an amazing start to Year 1! They have settled into their new learning environment and daily routines well.

In Phonics, the children have been continuing to learn and consolidate set 1 sounds and are now beginning to learn their set 2 and set 3 sounds. They have been using this knowledge to write about the Read Write Inc texts their group has read during the week.

During Maths, the children have been exploring place value as they learn and consolidating their knowledge of numbers to 10. They have been counting forward and counting back to find one more and one less of a given number.

The children have also been investigating 2d and 3d shapes. They have sorted the shapes based on their properties, hunted for shapes in the environment, created buildings using different 3d shapes and used mathematical language to describe them such as vertices, edges, corners, sides and faces.

During history the children have been exploring timelines extending back to Victorian times.

During science the children have been exploring everyday materials by sorting and examining their properties.

Personal development-

In personal development the children have been learning about relationships and what makes a good friend. They have used role play and circle time to show their understanding of their emotions and how their actions might affect others.