November work in class

We have been so busy in Year 2 this November. One new and exciting thing we have been learning is the skill of sewing. In design technology lessons we have learnt how to hold a needle and create a running stitch to hold 2 pieces of fabric together. It’s not easy but we stuck at it. A very important part of design technology work is to evaluate our work. We thought carefully about what we liked about our sewing and what we would like to change. Some clever learners even got to try out other stitches as an extension task. We have proudly displayed our sewing on the class Christmas tree.

Alma Thomas – Black history work

We had such a fabulous day today looking at the work of the artist Alma Thomas. We worked inside for a while recreating pictures in her style then after break we went outside and worked together as a whole class to create a large piece of art work inspired by Alma’s work. The art was so big that Mr Jones had to fly over with his drone to takes pictures of the finished work. We battled hard against the gusty wind which tried to blow pieces of the work away. We didn’t give up and finally produced some fabulous art work.

Let’s Remember

Our Year 2 topic for the Autumn term is ‘Let’s Remember.’ Children will learn about how soldiers lost their lives in the wars and how we remember them now. We will be asking children to make poppies at home as their homework project to help make a Remembrance display in school. (We may ask for these poppies to be sent in as photos on dojo’s this year but we will still use them in school on display)

Think Tank Birmingham!

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to the Think Tank this week and brought back lots of memories and awesome body knowledge from out fantastic science lesson! We got to learn about the inside of the body and how it works and also outside in the science garden we were able to explore all the exciting ways that we can make energy.

An enormous thank you to all the children in year two, on completing the following homework project. As you can see the children have created some fantastic houses  to showcase their learning and understanding around this devastating and historical event. The children have used their Secrets of Success  to truly Push Themselves and defiantly think  Creatively.! Well done!

Homework Project Spring Term 2019

The Great Fire of London.

Our topic for the spring term will be ‘Great and Ghastly Events.’ We will be exploring and learning about the Great Fire of London and how and why this tragic event happened.

To support this learning, we would like to create a class model of London to show this historical event. To do this we require each child to create a model of a house from 1666. The model should be made from recyclable materials such as old food and cereal boxes etc.






Music in Year 2

We have been learning to play the penny whistle (an untuned instrument). Max our music teacher, visited weekly for 5 weeks. In this time we learned how to hold the whistle, how to blow the whistle and finally how to play the notes B, A & G. We then used this knowledge of notation to play familiar nursery rhymes and theme tunes. We thought carefully about pitch and tone and how they affected the music we were playing.