October update

Another busy month in Year 2 and despite having the half term break we’ve managed to cram lots of learning into October.

In maths we continued to learn addition and subtraction strategies. We learnt how to deal with unfriendly numbers and rename if necessary when subtracting to get the correct answer supported by our jottings. We’ve also had a lot of fun beginning some work looking at gathering, handing and presenting statistics.

Here’s a link to a  fabulous online tool which really clearly shows tallies, pictograms and block charts in action.



In literacy we have continued the ‘Super Shropshire’ theme

Our focus has been looking at the physical and human features of Ironbridge.  We will be writing a setting description, once we have been on our learning walk to use our field work and observational skills.


This terms planned spelling units are units 3 and 4.

Unit 3_4 spellings for October update

In science we have completed our learning for this year on ‘Living things and their habitats’ Examining how and why animals are adapted to where they live and food chains within these habitats and microhabitats.

In computing we have learnt how to use all parts of the ‘chrome music lab’ and we are now experts in creating digital music.

If you want to have a go yourself here’s a link to the music lab;


In music we have been thinking back to our year one learning, what do we know and remember about how to play the recorder. It’s only taken a short while to refresh our memories and we have been playing along to a backing track to show off our skills playing the notes B, A and C.


In PE we have moved onto a unit of ‘sending and receiving’ in outdoor PE working on refining our ball skills. Inside on a Tuesday we have started a new dance unit using our gestures and expression to communicate our ideas through movement.

In personal development we’ve completed our work on keeping safe, thinking about who keeps us safe in school, who to go to if we feel unsafe, online safety and safety in the community.

Year 2 – What we are learning about this week. W/C 1st Feb

This week in literacy we turn our attention to study a different historical event – The Plague. We will spend the week researching and finding out as much as we can. This often reveals gruesome and horrid facts, the children love this aspect of the learning! In maths we continue to look at measure, this week measuring capacity. We will also end the week on Friday with a whole day focussing on our mental health and wellbeing. So very important at this present time. Please see class dojo for more detail.

Year 2 distance learning w/c 25th January

In year 2 this week we finish our work looking at The Great Fire of London. We will carefully examine the diary of Samuel Pepys. In maths we are looking at more measures, this week mass/weight. In Foundation subjects we are creating a piece of art work inspired by The Great Fire of London and we will also finish our RE work on the scriptures by creating cards and pictures for loved ones featuring words we want to say to them.

Please click on the links below for more details or by viewing Class Dojo

Mathematics Capacity

Literacy The Great Fire of London

RE The Scriptures

Take a look at some fabulous learning this week from our school and home learners!

This week, Theo has been applying the skills that he has learnt in mathematics to bake some delicious cupcakes at home with his Mum – yummy!


We have written a newspaper report about the Great Fire of London in Literacy. Lois has included a lot of historical facts and some wonderful descriptions.

Using his laptop, William created his report from home. It is great to hear that William has conducted his own research using Google. We love your fiery picture to illustrate the story too William!

Distance learning W/C 18th Jan

This week in literacy we continue to study the Great Fire of London and we will be gathering eye witness accounts of the events and turning them into a newspaper report.

In maths we will start a new topic of measuring. We begin this week by measuring length and height in both cm and m.

During foundation curriculum lessons we will create pictograms using the tally information we gathered on our minibeast hunt last week. We will also create more music and move on to look at the Bible in RE. It’s going to be another busy week! Please see dojo for more detailed information on all this learning.

Learning in Year 2 this week

Hi Everyone

Just to give you a brief outline of our learning for this week in Year 2

In literacy we are working towards a historical recount of the Great Fire of London

In maths we are learning the new operation of division.

In foundation curriculum we will be hunting for minibeasts in their microhabitat’s, creating body percussion in music and looking at the importance of the Qu’ran to Muslims.

Full details and all home learning tasks are set on class dojos.