Year 5 April Learning

What a busy April we have had! He is just a snippet of the children’s learning.

Our theme in History has focused on Maya civilisation. The children have been researching how the Mayas ruled and compared it to how the Anglo-Saxons ruled, using a variety of resources. Investigated the location of the Maya civilisation. Looking in more detail, at what modern-day countries their city-states and temples were located in, what hemisphere it’s in, the climate and what direction you’d need to travel from the UK to get there.

They children were also lucky enough to investigate a variety of Maya artefacts.

During Literacy the children have been learning about a Maya myth called The hero Twins. They have been creating setting and character descriptions, using figurative language to engage the readers, which lead to the children recreating the myth, improving the original with their own descriptive language.

During Maths the children have been learning their decimal number bonds to 1 and 10  answering questions like these 1.1 + 8.9 = 10       2.1 + 7.9 = 10 1.2 + 8.8 = 10       2.2 + 7.8 = 10 as well as missing number problems e.g. 0.2 + ⃝ = 1 or 3.6 + ⃝ = 10.

Using this game will help your child practise decimal number bonds to 1 and also 10 in a fun and engaging way. Can they beat their previous score? Can they beat your score?

Not only have the children been learning decimal numbers but also angle estimating, reading and drawing as well as measuring perimeters.


In science this month, we have been continuing our work on materials and specifically how to separate materials using varying techniques. Year 5 were set the challenge of being marooned on a desert island and in desperate need of drinking water. Each group were given a sample of sea water whereby they needed to separate all the polluted items from it and make it as clean as possible to be consumed. The children used techniques such as removing by hand, sieving, using a magnet to remove magnetic items and filtering. However, the children soon realised that the sea water was in fact a salt water solution. In order to remove the salt, the children placed their water samples on the window sill to allow the water to evaporate, thus leaving the salt crystals behind as they’re too heavy to evaporate with the water. The children did noticed that to collect the water, it would need to be condensed by coming into contact with something cool.

December’s learning update

This month has been very busy in class. The children want to share with you some of the lovely Design and Technology and Art and design work they have created.

In Design and Technology the children have been studying Structures – Bridges. The children have investigated Arch, Beam and Truss bridges, exploring how to reinforce and improve their strength. After studying and developing their understanding of different structures in     forming bridges, they explored building a Truss bridge. First using spaghetti to evaluate practicality, their strength and stability. Then using a stronger material in wood to construct a truss bridge and evaluate the final product. Throughout the build, the children investigated the suitability of materials, how to create a frame structure with the focus of creating a triangular framed structure for strength and techniques to use tools & equipment effectively and safely.

In Art and Design the children have been learning about Painting and Mixed media. Exploring how a drawing can be developed using a range of different medias. The children have combined materials to create a shape poem with their chosen self portrait background then developing their ideas by experimenting with materials and techniques.



November in Year 5

It’s been another busy month in Year 5!


In literacy this month, the children have been investigating what life was like for a working Victorian child where they produced a non-chronological report, detailing the jobs they may have done. In addition, the children were introduced to our quality text ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty with links to our Victorian Shropshire theme and those of working Victorian children. Year 5 have explored some of the literary techniques such as expanded noun phrases to describe characters and settings, as well as similes and personification figurative language to provide imagery and engage the reader.

In Science, the children began their new topic of Materials where they compared and grouped materials based on their properties, whilst exploring the school grounds to investigate what materials were present and why that material had been specifically chosen to carry out its job.

In maths the children have doing lots of work on decimals, specifically adding and subtracting decimal numbers using mental strategies as well as standard written methods. Towards the end of the month, the children began some fraction work by representing fractions using practical resources.

Year 5 – September

What a fabulous start to the new school year!

This month, the children in year 5 have been learning about Queen Victoria and Victorian Shropshire in Literacy and History. They have investigated the chronology of the era, found out more about British monarch and identified the grammatical features of a biography, in preparation for writing their own biography on Queen Victoria.

During History this month, the children have organised a selection of British monarchs in chronological order on a timeline as well as historical events from around the world to get an idea of the perspective of when these events happened in comparison to the present day.

In Science the children have been investigating forces. At first, they discussed what they believed forces were and what their experience of forces around us are. Then they raised questions that they’d like to investigate during the topic. To then conducting experiments on gravity to support or refute Galileo and Archimedes’ theories and carrying out investigations on air resistance.


Attached is the children’s Spanish topics for this term, there are different games and activities to complete using the QR code on the sheet.

Spanish home games


We have also been lucky enough to have a Cricket coach come into school to teach the children skills on how to play cricket.


The children spelling focus for this term are the units 1 – 4. Each unit focuses on a different spelling pattern and rule.

Unit 1_4

Mr Watkins & Mrs Ellis

April – Year 5

Since returning from the Easter break, the children have been deepening their understanding of Ancient Greece. Investigating the history of the civilisation, where it would be placed on a timeline of events that they’ve studied previously, its location in the world and the legacy that the Ancient Greeks left.

In numeracy, year 5 have been identifying and classifying different types of angles, learning how to use a protractor to measure acute and obtuse angles and also learning how to find missing angles when they are not drawn to scale.

This month the children were also involved in a Cricket taster session by Shropshire Cricket. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and can’t wait to improve their cricket skills!