Parent Voice

You have said that home learning is stressful for both you and your child…

Our inclusion team, the SLT and our teaching staff have provided regular support, to help you adapt to learning at home and cope with the feelings of uncertainty and additional pressure that we are all feeling, both face to face and remotely (phone calls, emails, DOJO messages, TEAMS meetings and home visits).


You said that remote learning was difficult because of a lack of devices or internet access…

We loaned laptops to any family who needed one, provided support in accessing new routers and SIM cards to boost broadband allowance, provided resources and equipment for those children who didn’t have them and provided paper packs for those families with no internet.


You said you would like ‘live teaching’ to further engage your children at home…

We explained our reasons for not planning this into our remote offer but we have now included several daily video messages, pre-recorded models to support new learning, voice annotated PPTs and video calls to ‘stay in touch’ with the teachers and peers.   


You said you liked the one-way entrance to school and the staggered start times…

We will be keeping this system to ensure a calm and safe arrival to school, for our school community. 


You said it was nice to see staff greeting parents and children each morning…

We agree and will endeavour to ensure that there is a friendly face at the school gates each morning!


You said that school did not always share information effectively…

We looked at the ways that information is shared with parents and have now: improved the website so it is much more accessible; developed the use of Class DOJO as a 2 way communication system and a platform for our home learning; publish a weekly newsletter; provided opportunities for you to come into school and see what is happening (parent lunches, stay and learn sessions and year group assemblies).

Parent Questionnaire-January/February 2021.

Thank all of those parents that took the time to complete our questionnaire – the results of which are shown in the attached photos. A brief summary of data collated showed:
*The vast majority of parents felt systems are working well to support parents and children both at home and school.
*The school are doing a good job.
*Parents would like more live lessons included in the remote learning offer. As a result, we have now included ‘live’ story times and social catch up times and recorded lessons with face to face modelled lessons from classroom staff.

Parent Mental Health and Wellbeing questionnaire responses, September 2020.

RESPONES Parent MHWB Questionnaire September 2020