Creative Arts Week

During Creative Arts Week, we participated in an exciting project in Year 5!

We developed our sketching techniques, using a range of volcanic landscapes as our stimulus. Using these techniques, we created our own landscape drawing before painting the same setting using watercolour paints.

We then used different techniques to create a 3D volcanic structure, which we built up through the use of paper mache. Lastly, we brought our volcanoes to life by using acrylic paints to capture the sight of a volcanic eruption.

Some of these volcanoes were kept in class, to become a part of our classroom displays. They will later be used through our science topic of materials, where we will investigate which substances create the biggest reaction. IMG_2105 IMG_2109 IMG_2111 IMG_2115 IMG_2120 IMG_2123 IMG_2129 IMG_2133Using our 3D volcanoes as our inspiration, we wrote a setting description about our volcano. You can read these in our Learning Journeys or see our processes by looking at our display outside the Year 5 classrooms.