D & T WEEK – DAY 1


To begin D & T week, we explored a variety of objects in groups including balloons, a balloon pump and whistles in order to sort them into those that are pneumatic and those that aren’t.


We had to consider:

  • Any similarities between the objects
  • Any differences
  • What they do
  • How they do it


We recorded our initial observations on post-it notes and then shared our ideas as a class.


We then constructed a simple pneumatic system using a washing up bottle, a piece of tube and a syringe.


We had a few problems:

  • we weren’t quick enough
  • we ran out of air
  • air was escaping


To prevent this we:

  • worked in partners
  • added another tube to let air in
  • used blue tac as a ‘shield’
  • used a paperclip/band to secure the balloon


SAM_1311 SAM_1312