D & T week in Year 1

We have really enjoyed our Design and Technology week in Year 1. We have been making fruit kebabs. We worked with our friends through the whole design process. We tasted fruit and then voted on our class favourites. We designed what our kebabs would look like, using a repeating pattern. Then we made the kebabs – this was the best part! Once we had taken them home and eaten them, we reflected on the process and evaluated the work we had done. We explored what had gone well and what we would change if we did it again. Please enjoy looking at the photographs of the children and their work.

IMG_4754  IMG_4752 IMG_4756 IMG_4750 IMG_4477 IMG_4489 IMG_4531 IMG_4467 IMG_4461 IMG_4447 IMG_4442 IMG_4417 IMG_4440