December in Y6 has, as always, been a very busy one!

The children became interior designers, each designing their own cushion, considering an explicit design criteria. Some designs included animals, love hearts and initials – a real mixed bag!

After the initial design, children then re-considered and created a personal pattern to pattern match against the fabric chosen for their cushion.  Then, we practised the necessary stitches: running stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch.

The whole process required children to demonstrate lots of Woodlands’ ‘Secrets of Success’. We were very impressed – well done Y6 😊

Next, the children became performers! Firstly, they enjoyed focussing on the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Initially, they considered: how the song made them feel; what it made them think of; whether the song tells a story or not and how old the song is.

Then, they considered the tempo, the dynamics, the instruments used and whether or not the song features a riff, hook or solo.

Next, we completed some warm-up games, finding the pulse (the heartbeat or steady beat of a song/piece of music) by clapping the beat or pattern back and moving their body to the beat to show the pulse of the song.

Finally, we learnt how to sing and perform the song – both lead and backing vocals – ensuring that we kept to the pulse and tempo, whilst thinking about the dynamics.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a great holiday; stay safe and enjoy every minute 🙂

We look forward to updating you in January.