December’s learning update

This month has been very busy in class. The children want to share with you some of the lovely Design and Technology and Art and design work they have created.

In Design and Technology the children have been studying Structures – Bridges. The children have investigated Arch, Beam and Truss bridges, exploring how to reinforce and improve their strength. After studying and developing their understanding of different structures in     forming bridges, they explored building a Truss bridge. First using spaghetti to evaluate practicality, their strength and stability. Then using a stronger material in wood to construct a truss bridge and evaluate the final product. Throughout the build, the children investigated the suitability of materials, how to create a frame structure with the focus of creating a triangular framed structure for strength and techniques to use tools & equipment effectively and safely.

In Art and Design the children have been learning about Painting and Mixed media. Exploring how a drawing can be developed using a range of different medias. The children have combined materials to create a shape poem with their chosen self portrait background then developing their ideas by experimenting with materials and techniques.