Digital Media in the Early Years

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During the evening of the 4th April, Miss Smallwood and Mrs Archer joined colleagues from the West-Midlands and Stockholm to present a snip-it of their research into digital-media and its expressive and creative uses with children. Both educators explained to visitors that how being part of the Erasmus+ funded project has changed the way that digital media is now used with our young children at Woodlands. Rather than being used in isolation, digital media is now used in combination with other media and materials to further develop children’s theories and ideas, allowing opportunities that analogue alone does not.


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A space set-up to show some of the creative and expressive ways digital media has been used with our nursery and reception children. Please click on the link below to read a recent case study linked to this work.

Using the Green Screen

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Thank-you Miss Smallwood and Mrs Archer for presenting the fabulous work of our children so well!