Emotional Health and Well Being

During Emotional Health and Well Being Week, Year Six have discussed ‘What is Mental Health?’

We found out that it is:

‘A person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.’

Mental health problems can affect how a person feels, thinks and behaves. Around one in four people in Britain and about one in ten children and young people suffer from mental health problems.

We discovered a variety of Mental Health conditions and ways of dealing with them.

We also found out about Celebrities that have spoken about their experiences. These included:

Justin Bieber: Depression

Ellie Goulding : Anxiety and facing panic attacks

Prince Harry : Living with the grief after his mother’s death

Jade Thirlwall (from Little Mix) : Anorexia

We also completed an Emotional Rollercoaster exercise. We had to Jot down on the rollercoaster occasions when we feel happy and occasions when we feel down in the dumps. What caused you to feel like this?  Then, we wrote what we could do (and what those around us could do) to help us feel better.   Finally, we discussed who we could go to if we felt we needed to talk about any of these issues.