This week in year 5, we have been learning all about physical and emotional health.
We discussed ways to keep our body and mind healthy. Keeping fit by enjoying regular exercise, adequate sleep, a balanced diet and relaxation were just a few of the things we discussed in our classes.

We used Emoji’s to represent the different types of emotions, that we often experienced. Personal mindmaps were then created to reflect on different events or times, when we had experienced these. After this we used a thermometer to represent our emotions and placed the Emoji’s on the scale – we discussed how different emotions would be placed at different points because we are all different and respond in different ways, when we experience these emotions.

Independently, we reflected on how we act when we experience different types of emotions and strategies that we can use to help us deal with these. Posters were designed, sharing our new found expertise with others, as well as responses to a problem page in the form of a letter.

To help us keep fit and healthy, we also participated in Tai Chi and Yoga sessions!