Exploring food

During the last half term children in year 1 have exploring food and recipes. They have worked both independently and with their peers to chop, grate, measure, mix and knead various ingredients in order to make bread, butter, smoothies, pizza, and cakes.

Butter making

The children worked in smaller groups to try making butter as they would have in the past. We discussed how we needed to ensure that our hands were washed before we began. We looked at the items we would be using to make the butter and discussed how we thought we would need to use them. Children then made their predictions for how long they would need to shake the cream for before it turned into butter.

The children showed good collaboration with their team, taking it in turns to shake the jar. Children were excited to see how the cream changed at different stages of the process.







Bread making

The group were invited to work with a friend to explore baking bread as they would of in the past. We discussed how we needed to ensure that our hands were washed before we began. Together we read the given instructions to find out how much we needed of each ingredient. With initial guidance the children were able to use the measuring cups to measure 3 cups of flour, they were reminded that the measure needed to be full to the top so that the recipe was accurate.

The children showed good collaboration with their partner making sure that they both had a turn to assemble the ingredients by mixing and kneading.


After tasting different foods the children were offered three different smoothie recipes to try.

The children observed the ingredients being placed in the blender and combined. The group were shocked to find that they enjoyed smoothies that had ingredients they usually do not like e.g. avocado.

Brandon – “When it makes a grrr sound the fruit is cutting up.”

Bouake – “It smells like strawberry yoghurt.”

Archie – “It tastes nice like milky strawberries.”

Alexis – This is my favourite, I love strawberries… tastes so yummy.”

Holly-Louise – “I loved it” (after tasting one she thought she would not like)


The children followed a recipe to make pizza dough before adding their own toppings.

They were able to work together to ensure that the ingredients were measured out accurately before being combined in the bowl.

“You need more flour so I doesn’t stick” – Donnell

“It’s sticking together not to the bowl.” – Alexis H

“It’s not sticking anymore because of the flour.” – Jeneka

They were able to show good skill and control when using a spoon to spread tomato puree, grate cheese and chop their chosen toppings. Some of the children decided to taste some of the ingredients before putting them on their pizza.