Exploring in science…

During our first science lesson of the year, we had the chance to explore what was happening in several different situations. These included:

  • Different cars travelling down a ramp which was covered in different materials
  • Using different types of magnets and testing their attraction to different materials
  • Testing what happened to different types of balls in a body of water
  • Experimenting with the use of Newton meters and materials which can stretch
  • Creating and testing our own parachutes

As you can see from the photos below, we had lots of fun! Our initial ideas about which forces were acting and how were recorded in our science floor book (which you can find in our classroom). We will develop and edit these ideas throughout our topic…


sam_0725 sam_0726 sam_0727 sam_0728 sam_0729 sam_0730 sam_0731 sam_0732 sam_0733 sam_0734 sam_0735