EYFS in November

It’s been another couple of busy months in EYFS, with lots of amazing learning happening throughout the unit.


During our maths times in Nursery the children have been exploring the number and how to count accurately to find a total. They have been finding all the possible ways to represent the amounts, finding 1 more and 1 less and beginning to represent their findings with jottings and pictures.

Within adult directed learning, the children within nursery have focused heavily on their speaking, listening and communication skills. The children have looked at a variety of well-known stories as a base for this learning. They have learnt to speak more clearly in well structured sentences when describing parts of a familiar story. They have role played lots too!


During our maths times in Reception the children have been exploring the numbers 1, 2, 3. They have been finding all the possible ways to represent the amounts, finding 1 more and 1 less and beginning to find the different ways to make the total 1, 2, 3. Take a look at come of our maths learning below.

In phonics the children have been busy learning their set 1 speed sounds and how to blend the sounds to read words. They have even begun using their ‘Fred fingers’ to hear and write the sounds in words in order to spell.



In the Piazza we have been further exploring emotions and were invited to look at images of others. The educator asked “I wonder how these people are feeling?” The groups were challenged to explain and think more deeply about how they know someone is show a specific emotion.

“She’s happy because her mouth is going up” Rose

“He’s angry! He’s going … (Shows teeth clenched together the same as the photo)” Toby

The group were then asked “I wonder if you can show me your different emotions”

The children used the iPad to take photographs of each other showing different emotions. The explored the best techniques to use to take the best photo.

Take a look at some of the photos the children took!



The group were then reoffered the photos and asked to explore the emotions their friends were showing.

“Toby’s mad he’s got his hands like this” (shows hands clenched) Neveah

“Ellis is feeling happy he’s smiling” Scarlett

The children were invited to use drawings and loose parts to represent the different emotions the had observed, thinking carefully about how they could represent the different features of the face and body.

Here are some photos of their loose part work.

Block area

Within the block area the Educator reoffered the following quote to the children…

“My house is in Woodside”

Alongside this the Educator introduced Google Earth and Google maps (Street View) to look more closely at the surroundings of their homes and where they live in relation to their friends on a map. The children were offered drawing materials to represent their own ideas of where their homes are on a map. This led to the children taking an interest in Ironbridge whilst exploring Google Earth.

“I live near Ironbridge. I’ve been there before!” Sam

“I’ve been to the sweet shop in Ironbridge!” Vinnie

This has led to the child becoming interested in the Ironbridge it’s self and the key features of it’s structure. The children have begun to explore further what the bridge is made from and why they think it has been constructed of this material. They have used drawings and construction materials to represent their ideas and develop their own structures of the Ironbridge.

“The bridge is like an arch shape… it goes around… over the river…. It’s strong!” Vinnie


Attingham Park 23/11/21

“I didn’t know that Attingham Park would be this beautiful!” – Lincoln

We went on our first school trip to Attingham Park. We had a lovely time exploring the grounds and looking at the changes to the trees during the Autumn season. We couldn’t believe the size and shapes of the different trees and loved getting to have a closer look at them all. Whilst looking at the trees we worked out ways that we could climb and move around the trees as well as finding out how many of us could hold hands around the trunk. We also spotted lots of different creatures around the grounds, such as deer, cows and squirrels! So much fun was had!

Here’s some photos from our day out