Fabulous learning in Nursery this week!

Here are some lovely examples of the learning the children have been taking part in this week and at home.

Phonics Learning

Children in Nursery experience a range of lessons to support their knowledge of ‘Letters and Sounds’ and develop their ‘Listening and Attention’ skills. This week the children have been ‘sound hunters’, ‘sound makers’ and ‘game players’.

Mental Health Week Focus 

We have been focusing on supporting children’s mental health in Nursery this week. We have been supporting children to recognise the different emotions they have at home and in school. We have based this learning around the story ‘The Worrysaurus’. Children have been able to explore ideas around ‘self regulation’ as they have used a range of media to develop their ideas and thinking.

Project Learning 

Children’s ideas are becoming much more complex as they revisit their ideas over time about the sky. Children are noticing changes and thinking about differences they have seen over days and weeks and from night to day. Children have used a range of media to support their thinking. In other areas of project learning we have been noticing new growth, developing structures and taking care of our Guinea Pigs.


We are amazingly proud of all the children both at home and in setting. Learning is everywhere! XX We hope the experiences the children have had this week and will continue with next week will support their positive well-being.