February in Jigsaw



The children have worked practically to enhance their understanding of non-fiction texts. They read information texts from their books and then planned and wrote their own guide to holidays. They included facts and helpful ideas for when you go on a variety of different holidays.


The children have proved that they can use a mixture of resources effectively to clarify their understanding of the maths learning and to ensure they are working accurately.

Collaboration and teamwork

This has been the theme in Nurture this month. The children have problem-solved together to set up new ways to use the resources in forest school. They have designed and refined their work to help them create seesaws and dens. The children also worked together to complete a physical challenge involving the swingball.

Pond dipping in the forest school habitat.

The children have worked carefully and alongside each other to begin to explore the habitat of the pond – closely observing what they have seen and classifying it within the animals that live there. The children were very careful to ensure that the animals, insects and habitat was left undisturbed.