The Travel Telford team delivered a bike maintenance workshop to Years 5 and 6. Bikeability Fix taught the children how to perform basic maintenance on their bikes.

By learning how to make basic repairs to their own bike, children will be more self-reliant and have a greater sense of independence and freedom.  Learning basic skills such as repairing a puncture or adjusting brakes are useful, simple practical skills that children can carry through their life. They can go on and teach their friends, or it may even spark an interest in learning more about mechanics.  By working on their bikes, children will have a better understanding of how their bike functions.

Lillie and Ellise from year 5 said “We had great fun and learn’t a lot about maintaining our own bike”

Amy Smith (parent) ” Lillie gained better knowledge and understanding of her bike to ensure it is safe and roadworthy.  A great course for the children to complete”