Half Term 2021 – Thank you

Dear Parents and Carers,
I am writing to sincerely thank you for your support with our remote learning offer over the last 6 weeks. We know that this has been a new and different way of teaching and learning for both children and teachers. I am so proud of all of our children for their dedication and efforts with continuing their school work during this time. Parents, we also know that school closure and remote learning has added a lot to your plate. Please know that we truly appreciate you and your support – we wouldn’t be celebrating these successes without you. I’ve monitored the learning our teachers have set up, work that has been completed/uploaded and spoken with both pupils and parents, at home and those working in school. To say I’m impressed with the work of our children and parents just isn’t enough… families, you are doing an outstanding job!
I also want to thank all of our teachers who are here at school each day, in front of a class, teaching face to face lessons, setting teaching for online learning, and collaborating with peers to develop meaningful learning opportunities for students. They have and will I know, continue to work hard to make this new method of learning, successful for all of our children and families.
Our SOS celebration assembly this week was focused on change and how we cope successfully when things in our lives are different. This linked to changes we are all going to experience at Woodlands, as we say good bye to Mrs Preece.
I am therefore celebrating our amazing children and their wonderful parents and carers, and our fantastically resilient staff team this week, welcoming you all into our SOS Squad! Happy Half Term and well done everyone! Mrs C