Our Library

We have a fantastic library at Woodlands. It’s open to both pupils and parents, so come along and get reading!

Our Library


Pupils & parents can access the library between 3.15-3.45pm each evening to browse and choose an exciting new book.

Junior Library

Junior libraryJunior Library is an online platform that children and parents can access anywhere at any time either within school, at home or on the go to see a database of the school’s actual library resources (click on the image, or use the link below.) They are able to see what books and resources are available across the curriculum. Along with the school’s inventory you also have access to a large online collection of eBooks and resources to help with your child’s learning.

Some more features of the MLS system are you can find more information regarding the items you are searching for, some books will have links to books that are relevant to the criteria you are looking for. There is also links to videos of the authors talking about their books and providing a personal account of the writing of book.

Another feature is children can either read and or write a review about the book for others to read later.

When the child is logged in to the site you are able to access their “My Stuff” section, which shows all the books the child has read and or planning to read in the future. You are also able to reserve a book at the school library.


How you can help your child with reading

Reading with your child and helping them with writing and spelling can help boost their achievement. Certain skills, like reading and counting, are worth really practicing at home because they’re fundamental to your child’s progress later on. Please take time to hear your child read regularly – 5 times a week if possible. When you have shared a book with your child, please sign, date and make a comment in the chart. This will ensure that your child’s teacher is aware that your child is reading on a regular basis, check progress and monitor frequency.

For more information, please see the English curriculum pages.