Curriculum Overview

The curriculum vision at Woodlands Primary School is based around using creative approaches to shape a curriculum that meets the requirements of the statutory curriculum, raises standards and engages and enthuses children. Creativity can be defined as purposeful, imaginative activity with value (Sir Ken Robinson). As such, we propose a definition of our creative curriculum as one that has clear educational purpose, is delivered imaginatively to engage and enthuse children and has measurable educational value. To read more about our curriculum, click on the links below.

Curriculum Statement June 2020 updated

Addendum to Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Teams

At Woodlands, it is our intention that all stakeholders will become part of our established curriculum teams.


  • Contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of the curriculum and wider provision in school
  • Increase staff voice and ownership of curriculum aspects and wider provision
  • Improve communication
  • Involve all stakeholders in shaping and evaluating the whole school development plan

Curriculum Teams overview


Team Leader

  • Coordinate the monitoring and evaluating activities
  • Monitor the quality of the work of the team members
  • Coordinate the feedback from the team evaluations for the senior leadership team and the governing body, through the headteacher
  • Provide professional advice and guidance to team members to support and challenge them in their role to monitor the quality of provision
  • Liaise closely with the allocated governor

Team Member

  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of provision in a specific area(s)
  • Provide support and challenge to staff to help them improve provision and/or the quality of teaching and learning
  • Provide oral and written evaluations of provision, identify strengths and areas for development, support for staff and share information on provision with senior leaders (including governors)


  • Monitor and evaluate curriculum provision and/or the quality of teaching and learning in an aspect of provision or curriculum
  • Identify and make recommendations for relevant individual and whole school training requirements to implement development priorities
  • Evaluate the impact of training and/or the procurement of additional resources or facilities to support improved provision/curriculum implementation
  • Canvas and evaluate ‘pupil voice’ – What difference does the provision make to pupils?
  • Ensure adequate resourcing of the provision or subject (this could include; materials, external visits, and visits from specialist teachers or experts)
  • Complete a running overview of strengths and weakness across the academic year (completed termly)
  • Identify and make recommendations for improvement priorities to the curriculum team and senior leaders (including governors)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of school improvement work to achieve improvement priorities
  • Share overview with governors termly
  • Provide support and challenge to staff to enable them to improve the quality of provision/teaching and learning (In the first instance provide staff with guidance and research evidence that will help them improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of the provision or focus area. Other support for staff may include modelling, support with planning and delivery)
  • Lead staff meetings to help improve staff skills, knowledge and understanding (using research based evidence)
  • Staff meeting time to be allocated once every half term to carry out monitoring and evaluation activities, however some activities will need to be carried out in lesson time (to be agreed in advance with the team leader and programmed into the whole school timeline to ensure overloading is minimised)
  • Team leader to liaise directly with allocated governors for each team to share info and evaluations


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