Art & Design

What is Art and Design?

Art and Design is a means by which we can develop our children’s creativity and imagination.  At Woodlands Primary and Nursery School we feel it contributes to the wider curriculum of the child by offering an alternative context for learning. Through active involvement, visual, tactile and sensory experiences that offer a unique way of understanding and responding to the world. Our commitment to teaching Art and Design enables pupils to develop skills and knowledge which help them to make value judgements and aesthetic decisions. It will also develop their interpersonal skills and enable them to become actively involved in shaping their environment.

Below are some examples of children at Woodlands taking part in their Art and Design learning:

Child painting Child paintingChild painting

Our curriculum is carefully designed to ensure key knowledge and skills progress in a logical and sequenced way, thus enabling pupils to revisit previously taught content and to build upon it year on year. We use carefully structured progression documents to ensure that substantive and disciplinary knowledge and skills are clearly outlined and sequenced, thus enabling the children to know and remember more, as they move through school.

If you would like to find out more about our Art and Design curriculum at Woodlands please click on the following links.

Woodlands Art policy