Design & Technology

Design and Technology (D&T) teaching at Woodlands Primary School is an important part of learning about real life. We deliver engaging lessons, set in real life contexts and allow our pupils to explore, make and create. Our themes for D&T are exciting for the children and take place over one to two weeks. The learning that takes place deepens the children’s understanding of the world in a fun context. Each year group has a different theme and focus over the week, they are:

Year 1 – Post a Pringle and other Mega structures or From Field to Fork.

Year 2 – Lift the Teacher and other marvellous mechanism.

Year 3 – How to make a banana keyboard and other control challenges.

Year 4 – Art bot and other electronic challenges.

Year 5 – Balloon Blaster and other mechanisms challenges.

Year 6 – Shake Things Up and other structure challenges.

To find out more about our teaching of D&T, please see your child’s class page.

Please click the links below to see how we assess children’s Design and Technology progress at Woodlands:

Design and Technology assessment of Key Skills Y1 – Y6