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Who’s who in the Early Years?

EYFS Staffing

How will my child learn to read?

At woodlands we follow a synthetic phonics programme called Read Write Inc. Read Write Inc. is a programme we use that focuses on teaching children to read and write. At the beginning of the programme the children are taught the letter names and the letter sounds. They then learn to blend and segment these sounds as they start to read and write. For example, they learn the sounds c-a-t and blend these to read the word cat or segment it to spell. They go on to develop these skills and work towards reading and writing independently for a variety of purposes throughout the programme. Once the children have fully settled into school we will hold a ‘Stay and learn’ session where you will get the opportunity to come in and watch a lesson and see the programme in action.

Below are a number of useful Read Write Inc videos for parents.


Please click on the link below to find out more about this fantastic scheme.

Read Write Inc parents information


Does my child have Homework?

Each child in Reception has a reading book and diary. Ideally we would like you to hear your child read, for a few minutes, every day. New reading books can be found in the baskets which are located on the curved bench in the centre of the unit. You can change your child’s book as often as you like. Class teachers would like to see reading diaries once a week. This is to check that everything is going well and to praise the children for their hard work at home.

Please click on the link below for suggestions of helpful and informative comments you could write in your child’s reading diary.


National and International Project work

We Think Everywhere – Digital Landscapes of Possibility and New Creative Pedagogies

Again this academic year, we are extremely lucky to be receiving funding from Erasmus+ (European Union Funding) to be part of a three-year project researching the use of digital media and the creative opportunities it is  offers to young children.  We continue to work with a network of schools in the UK and in Sweden to share our ideas and to discuss, as critical friends, the best ways to support our children to learn.

The We Think Everywhere network consists of…

Exchanges continue to take place between ourselves and our friends from the West-Midlands and Stockholm. We look forward to welcoming Bengt-Ake and Kiki back to Woodlands in April when they will continue their research with Miss Smallwood and Mrs Archer to explore how digital media can help young children express their ideas and thinking in more creative ways than is currently being used here in the UK and in Sweden.

Miss Smallwood and Mrs Archer’s latest reflective accounts…

We Think Everywhere Miss Smallwood Jan2017

We think everywhere Mrs Archer Jan2017

Find out more about this research project via our We Think Everywhere website by clicking on the link below…

We Think Everywhere