Lunch Menus & Payment


School Meal Price – £2.35

All payments should be made through ‘Parent Pay’, all school meals need to be paid for in advance or on the days of your child having a meal, therefore, your account must be in credit.  We recommend that you pay weekly.  If you are unable to pay for your child’s meal you will be expected to supply them with a packed lunch.


Please click below to see the latest menu starting on WEEK 1.

Woodlands Menu from 6th January 2020

Space Day

This was great fun and the children especially liked the light up rocket!


Road Safety Food Fun

Road Safety Dinner Photo

Blitz Day

Blitz Menu Day was a big hit where children enjoyed the taster table of Spam and Jam sandwiches and Bread & Butter Pudding, after their Bangers and Mash. A great job done by Academy Catering.

WWII Day3 WWII Day2 WWII Day  Blitz Menu With Date 001